Drill Em' and Cut Em' Makes Shopping for Tools Simple

Drill Em’ and Cut Em’, a new site dedicated to offering deals and recommendations on tools and hardware for users, uses personal experience to help customers find the best choice.

Founder Ronn Peterson said his goal with the site was to offer one convenient place to find information and purchase tools.

"We created this site to help find the information people need about the latest tools and hardware. We're going to keep people informed about the latest tools and hardware, while also letting them know which ones will benefit them and which ones won't."

Ronn Peterson, Owner

“We want to offer people everything they need to start their next project,” he said. “Whether they’re an experienced handyman or a beginning DIY-er, we want to make sure we give them the information they need, along with access to the very best deals.”

A number of the posts on the site point people toward places to find deals. One highlights ways to find specialized equipment more easily.

“Finding specialized tools and equipment for laboratory, electrical, industrial, test, measurement and similar businesses is difficult,” the post said. “Having to order or shop around with multiple sellers makes getting these products a big hassle, and can end up costing you more than it should.  Mega Depot is an authorized distributor of a variety of tools and equipment for technical, industrial, and automotive workers. You can order single items or large quantities of products, which makes them an ideal shop for contractors and large businesses alike.”

Another post was about finding power tools and parts.

“Many major retailers have limited brands and options for power equipment, and many do not carry parts for broken or old equipment you already own,” the post said. “Chicago-based Russo Power Equipment is a power equipment retailer and online distributor of numerous brand name products. They sell thousands of equipment parts that you may struggle to find elsewhere, and carry all of the brand name power equipment you can find in major retailers.”

Peterson said he plans to expand the offerings already on the site to encompass more topics.

More information is available at www.drillemandcutem.com.