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Be the Spotlight of an Event with Contessa evening gowns

The evening of a wedding is special and Contessa knows the secret to making one look like a queen. Wedding gowns available in the online store includes latest trends and also is available at affordable rates. The huge collection of dresses provides one with the liberty to choose. The boutique has a unique collection of beautiful evening gowns, as well. A grand party requires a perfect dress up. The renowned designers of Contessa take pride in offering the best dresses. This Dubai-based boutique is synonymous to modern fashion trends and elegance. The popular trends include off-shoulder sleeve dresses, Graphic lace, and Plunging backs.

Types of dresses offered:

The wedding dresses are designed keeping in mind the various body shapes. The flattering gowns are extremely beautiful and help to define the beauty and personality of the one wearing it. The following are few important characteristics of wedding gowns that make it bold and beautiful. Evening gowns are also offered by the designers. An exclusive range of modern evening dresses is available at the boutique. The designs of the dress are superb and help one to be the spotlight of the evening or party one attends. Various colors are available and dresses are altered according to the need of the buyer.

Services offered by the boutique:

The complete solutions of wedding dresses are provided by the online store. The store provides various services. Some of the services can be noted as follows:


The seamstress in the boutique is well aware of the need of the customer. These excellent craftsmen are capable of altering the gown like- shortening the dress length and size adjustments after taking the measurement. The alteration is done free of cost after the dress is bought. Other tailoring jobs like adding crystals and fabrics is done, but these require an additional charge.

Dress pressing:

The wedding dress or the bridal attire bought from the store is pressed on request of the customer. The steaming and pressing service is available only for the customer of the store.

Dress storage facility:

The dress for the bridal party can be stored. A monthly charge is required for the service. The service is offered to the customer. The store promises to look after the gown and takes proper care of it. The gowns are kept in good condition.

Apart from just providing dresses, the designer helps in finding the perfect dress for the wedding evening or special occasion. The seamstress available help with all the tailoring issues after the dress is bought.

Contact details:

Opening hour: SAT-THURS: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Address: Suite 110. Cluster X.JLT, Jumeriah Bay X2 Tower, Dubai – UAE

About Contessa Bridal

Contessa is a Dubai-based modern boutique offering a wide selection of wedding gowns and evening dresses complementing fashion trends and elegance.

Contessa Bridal
Suite 110, Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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