Dresma Launches New Mobile App to Make Visual Content Workflow Simple and Seamless

The patent-pending technology aims to bring more transparency and efficiency to the image creation process for eCommerce stores.

​​​Dresma Inc. announces the launch of DoMyShoot, a mobile app for professional eCommerce images, which democratizes the creation of digital content to empower anyone to sell anything, anywhere. The app is available for immediate download from the Google Play Store, while its launch on the Apple App Store is scheduled for August 15.

DoMyShoot enables online sellers to upload images of their products from the comfort of their home, factory, or warehouse. These images are instantly enhanced by Dresma’s back-end AI-powered tools to meet specifications for any marketplace or platform used by the seller, including Amazon, Facebook, and Flipkart.

By giving online sellers greater control over the process, DoMyShoot enables the creation of easy image directories, access templates, and metadata and branding – all while staying true to custom brand guidelines. For this reason, Dresma hopes the app will become the ultimate alternative to traditional workflows that fall short in the dynamic, digital landscape. The company is looking to promote the solution globally and to address the surge in business, it has even appointed industry veteran Vikash Varma to its board of directors.

“The market for eCommerce images is over $20B and growing rapidly. The validation that DoMyShoot has received from our early customers has convinced us that it’s the right time to expand globally to meet the market needs,” said Siddharth Sinha, CEO of Dresma. “We are privileged to have Vikash Varma join our Board. His background as CEO of multiple technology companies will help us in opening markets and establishing channels for our business.” 

“The lockdowns caused by the pandemic have resulted in a massive increase in e-commerce and a rush to get an online presence for every business. While the foundational element of online presence is professional quality images, the shelter-in-place restrictions make it impossible to conduct photoshoots,” said Vikash Varma, Board Director. “DoMyShoot is addressing this need, making the whole process more convenient, quicker, and less expensive than traditional approaches.” 

About the company

Dresma is an app+platform based solution on a mission to democratize the process of creating eCommerce images. Dresma uses AI-driven technologies to capture and clean images in an instant and ensures you start selling online, cheaper, and faster. The company is based in Cupertino, California, and Gurgaon, India. Dresma works with large customers like OYO & Nordstrom, as well as multiple SMBs.  

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About Dresma

Dresma is an app+platform based solution on a mission to democratize the process of creating eCommerce images.