DreamCourts Backyard Basketball Court Can Increase a Home's Value

It is widely known that interior and exterior renovation projects can increase the value of a property and that includes the addition of a home basketball court.


While plenty of homeowners consider the addition of a swimming pool to enhance enjoyment of a property, according to the market leader in custom high performance outdoor courts, DreamCourts, a backyard basketball court can both enhance enjoyment and add to the value of a property.

Real estate experts agree that considering external upgrades to a property such as landscaping increases its value as it strengthens street appeal. For a family home, a backyard basketball court can make the property more enticing to prospective buyers as well, plus it can tie in with the landscaping.

Families with children are enticed by a home basketball court as it allows the children to practice their skills and encourages them to get outside and ditch the screens. DreamCourts explains that with the addition of a basketball court, backyard gatherings amongst family and friends are more appealing as it provides a fun and engaging experience for all ages and skill levels.

A backyard sports court also adds significant value to aspiring athletes searching for properties suitable for their passion. A home court will pique the interest of this buying demographic and increase the value of the property to them.

DreamCourts says that backyard basketball courts have surged in popularity in recent years, particularly in Melbourne, where many homeowners don't consider a swimming pool to be a worthwhile investment, given the mild weather. Unlike a swimming pool, a basketball court can be enjoyed all year round.

Additionally, DreamCourts explains that many homeowners who have approached them to create a home court are looking for more eco-friendly ways to enjoy their backyard. Unlike a swimming pool, there are no ongoing maintenance and usage costs.

DreamCourts basketball courts are fully customisable with colours, patterns and logos. The unique high performance tiles are connected by click and bolted into the ground. The floor tiles feature increased shock absorption with high bounce quality and noise reduction.

Hard wearing, UV resistant and quick dry with no puddling, DreamCourts home sports courts are long lasting and maintenance free. The court tiles are easy to install and can be done by the homeowner or by a pro installer from DreamCourts.

For homeowners looking to add prestige and value to their property, a home basketball court from DreamCourts ticks all the boxes.

To find out more about installing a pro home court, contact DreamCourts directly.

E-MAIL ADDRESS - enquiries@dreamcourts.com.au

PHONE NUMBER - 1300 234 738

Source: DreamCourts


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