Dream Weddings Hawaii Celebrates 3,500th Ceremony

It was just another day at the office for the folks at Dream Weddings Hawaii, but there was cause to celebrate March 26, 2014.

It was just another day at the office for the folks at Dream Weddings Hawaii, but there was cause to celebrate March 26, 2014.

After all, it isn't every day a wedding planning company can say it has successfully mapped out 3,500 ceremonies. But, with events to plan for couples from all over the world, there wasn't a second to spare for fanfare, pats on the back or even a company dinner.

"It was honestly just another day at the office for us," said Steve Young, the company's CEO. "A fun one to be sure, but we had yet another great chance to fulfill the dreams of another couple who wanted to get married in Hawaii. So, rather than pull out the stops, we poured ourselves into making sure we were ready to fulfill more Hawaiian wedding dreams."

Founded in 2001, Dream Weddings Hawaii plans as many as 20 weddings a month. The company specializes in putting together complete wedding packages for couples who wish to say their "I do's" with Hawaii's breathtaking landscapes serving as backdrops. Leaving no detail unattended to, Dream Weddings Hawaii takes the stress out of nuptials so couples can enjoy their big days and, more importantly, each other.

The Dream Weddings Hawaii Difference

Wedding planning is a high-demand business that requires attention to detail. Making sure couples have the time of their lives is critical for continued success.

How does Dream Weddings Hawaii do it?

"Understandably a lot of couples eyes pop when they hear the number of Hawaii weddings we've planned," Young said. "But, it's just a number, and a number that kind of snuck up on us. We got there purely by being dedicated, not to mention, a lot of word-of-mouth marketing from past clients."

Earning word-of-mouth advertising isn't easy, but Dream Weddings Hawaii has made it a priority.

"They say a happy wife equals a happy life," Young said. "Well, a happy bride, equals more brides for us. That's how we got to that number. We got one happy bride, she told her friends, and those friends told more friends."

Dream Weddings Hawaii is also one of the few wedding companies where the owner takes a hands-on approach, overseeing every detail. Young is personally involved in planning every ceremony.

"I do have assistants who are very much capable of carrying out a planning of wedding, even photographing a wedding, but I always need to be present to make sure quality standards are met," Young insists.

For more information about Dream Weddings Hawaii, visit the company online at www.dreamweddingshawaii.com.

About Dream Weddings Hawaii

Specializing in affordable wedding packages for couples all over the world, Dream Weddings Hawaii was founded in 2001. The company offers a one-stop-approach for couples seeking Hawaiian destination weddings and vow renewals. Packages include ministry services, photography, videography and extras, such as traditional Hawaiian leis. The company also facilitates vow renewal and baptismal services.


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