Dream Shield Auto Introduces Vehicle Armoring Kits to UHNW Individuals

The succession plan for UHNW individuals from civil unrest and terrorism.

Dream Shield Auto is bringing to the auto market a new kind of safety through their brand of ultra-light weight vehicle armoring kits. The Dream Shield Automotive Corporation knows the value of safety for those in the ultra high net worth population and wants to offer the peace of mind. Dream Shield is the first company of its kind to offer these kits to the civilian market in many large cities throughout the United States. These kits are available to be installed on any make or model automobile with minimal alterations being made to the vehicle while installing the armor. Once installed, the armor weighs less than 500 pounds, including the protective glass.

The Dream Shield kits are produced in molds and the flexibility of the lightweight material conforms to the body of the vehicle easily. With the ultra lightweight bullet resistant preformed to the vehicle, no welding is needed and is not used in the process at any point. There are also 70% less joints in the armoring using the lightweight plastic than a classic steel based armor. By having so few joints, the armor kit is much safer and easier to install than the traditional steel coverings.

The goal of Dream Shield Auto is to protect its clients, no matter what circumstances they may find themselves in. A succession plan for UHNW individuals from civil unrest, an act of terrorism or even an everyday accident are a possibility every time a driver gets behind the wheel or in the passenger seat of a vehicle. With the Dream Shield armor kit, these unexpected events can have lessened effects for those involved.

The Dream Shield Automotive Corporation is registered as an S-Corp out of Delaware and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada by CEO James Cuffe. Dream Shield Auto offers other Dream Shield brand name products and services focused on the safety of its customers, including encryption for your vehicle. The encryption for in-car WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connections, along with security systems, is available to ensure no hacking or interference can occur, adding another layer of safety to the vehicle. There are also franchise opportunities available to bring the Dream Shield product to different markets throughout the United States as well.

Dream Shield Auto can be reached by calling 702.483.9060

Source: From Dream Shield Auto