Dream Holdings Hedge Fund Announces Big Year in 2022

Win Streak in the Markets Continues Thanks to the Quitto Index

Arizona-based hedge fund Dream Holdings LLC predicted the downturn in U.S. equity markets in 2021. Thanks to the Quitto Index monthly readings, the fund was well positioned for the fall in U.S. stocks in 2022 when many rivals have faced challenges. In addition to forecasting the fall in U.S. stocks, the Quitto Index was also able to estimate the bottom of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2022. The 52-Week Low in October of 2022 was the range the hedge fund started shorting the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2021.

The Quitto Index is an economic indicator that tracks the monthly change of the buying power of the Base Consumer in the United States. The index represents the common behavior of the base consumer, the labor market, and consumption. It evaluates data in markets with in-depth research, powerful analytics, and economic tools, which translates into one fully integrated product.

The Quitto Index formula was developed in the late 2010s by financial historian Matthew Quitto II, and employs algorithmic data in order to assess and complete the complex index models utilized by Dream Holdings research unit. The firm's trading strategy is contingent on this intelligence. The formula's monthly readings are based on a scale of 0 to 100.

Dream Holdings LLC is an investment firm that specializes in the U.S. Economy. The DIA Fund focuses solely on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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