DrayNow Announces New Product Features & 2020 Roadmap

Drew Holland & Paul Gottlich on stage at FreightWaves Live in November

The DrayNow team announced new features and the 2020 product roadmap at FreightWaves Live this week.

As part of the DrayNow product demo on stage at FreightWaves Live in Chicago, IL, on November 13, 2019, Drew Holland, VP of Technology and Strategy demoed the DrayNow platform to the large audience of industry experts and announced exciting new DrayNow features that are all part of the company vision to completely innovate the first and last mile of Intermodal freight.

Holland, with Paul Gottlich, Director of Customer Success, took the audience through the simple workflow of the DrayNow platform, from creating an order to posting it onto the open marketplace, to tracking the load, and finally to the instant closing of an order.

Most excitingly, Holland debuted the DrayNow pricing tool, which uses a proprietary in-house algorithm and up-to-the-minute data to provide instant pricing feedback to users posting freight. When a user creates an order, they will be told if the rate for that load is too high or low. Holland explains “Now users are not only getting feedback from the supply side of the marketplace (carriers), but they are receiving instant feedback on their pricing before posting… DrayNow users will never overpay for their freight to be moved again.” The tool is currently in beta and will be gradually released to customers over the next month.

As part of the demo, Gottlich and Holland also described DrayNow’s automated street turning technology. Gottlich expanded “As a marketplace, we can bring freight together from two customers who before would never communicate, and provide an anonymized street-turn… we then share these savings across both customers and the carrier, all while reducing empty miles.” DrayNow is matching and turning freight more than ever, with 60% of freight eligible for street turning.

As the head of DrayNow technology, Holland also announced exciting features coming in the first half of 2020; a white label SaaS product which would enable customers to manage all of their Intermodal freight and carriers, more advanced street-turn algorithms, and carrier bidding for freight.

“The team is not deterred by this ambitious roadmap,” said Holland after the demo. “We have the vision to completely transform the Intermodal first and last mile, and know that these product features will fundamentally change how domestic container freight is moved.”

About DrayNow

DrayNow provides a seamless freight-matching marketplace and platform to the Intermodal freight industry. The company operates the first intermodal marketplace connecting freight to available carriers. The DrayNow Marketplace is accessed by those moving Intermodal freight through a desktop interface where users can view truck capacity in real-time, post loads, track load status and obtain electronic documents immediately. With DrayNow’s mobile application, truck drivers can access freight, browse loads, compare rates, select loads, and get paid faster. DrayNow operates in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Memphis, and North Jersey.

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