DragonPlate Raises Awareness About Expired and Off-Spec Prepreg Carbon Fiber in Composites Fabrication

DragonPlate, a leading high-quality carbon fiber composites provider, has expressed concern regarding vendors promoting and selling expired and off-spec prepreg carbon fiber to uninformed consumers.

Carbon Fiber Composite Products

Prepreg carbon fiber, a vital component in composite manufacturing, comprises carbon fiber fabric impregnated with a resin system. The resin system is designed to cure under specific conditions to ensure optimal performance and structural integrity. However, over time, the resin can lose effectiveness and become expired. Further, variations in the manufacturing process can result in prepreg that does not meet the required quality standards and is labeled as off-spec. 

DragonPlate aims to raise awareness among composite buyers regarding the potential risks of off-spec and expired prepreg carbon fiber materials.

Purchasing expired, or off-spec prepreg carbon fiber at significantly discounted prices can be tempting. However, using these materials poses potential risks to the user and consumer. These risks include compromised mechanical properties, reduced structural integrity, increased delamination potential, and decreased overall performance of the finished composite products. As a result, the reliability and safety of the end products may be compromised, leading to potential failures or reduced performance in critical applications such as scientific, medical, automation, automotive, marine, and sporting goods.

"As a trusted provider of carbon fiber composites, we are concerned about the application of expired and off-spec prepreg by uninformed users," stated JB Allred, CEO of Allred & Associates, the parent company of DragonPlate.com. "We prioritize the quality and safety of our products above all else, and we want our customers to have full confidence in the materials they receive from us. DragonPlate.com will continue to uphold the highest standards in our manufacturing processes to safeguard the integrity of our carbon fiber composites."

Determining if prepreg is expired or off-spec can be challenging when some suppliers do not provide specs or expiration dates. DragonPlate.com encourages consumers, engineers, and manufacturers to be vigilant when sourcing and selecting materials for their composite applications. It is crucial to partner with reputable suppliers who adhere to strict quality control measures and never compromise on using expired or off-spec prepreg carbon fiber.

For more information about DragonPlate.com and its commitment to quality carbon fiber composites, please read our blog discussing expired and off-spec prepreg carbon fiber or contact the company at 315-252-2559.

Source: DragonPlate by Allred & Associates