Dragonfly 4.0 is Here! The Engine of Scientific Imaging


Dragonfly 4.0 is here! The engine of scientific imaging.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Object Research Systems (ORS) Inc., is excited to announce the release of Dragonfly 4.0, which brings major enhancements and improvements to image processing and analysis workflows.

Designed for researchers and engineers in the fields of material and life sciences, Dragonfly provides qualitative and quantitative tools for material characterization, surface analysis, process evaluation, quality control testing or any analysis function that requires a high degree of accuracy. With the ability to handle large datasets, Dragonfly allows for extensible workflows, sophisticated 2D, 3D, 4D, nD visualizations, thorough segmentation routines, hyperspectral functions and deep learning capabilities.

In addition to deep learning advancements, this is the official release of Dragonfly on Linux platforms. Our latest product offering features a new project organizer to help manage and share data and analysis results, as well as a Bone Analysis extension that provides quantitative descriptions of bone micro-architecture and mappings of anisotropy. Finally, Dragonfly 4.0 presents new capabilities that facilitate the interactive visualization, manipulation and analysis of hyperspectral and hyperdimensional datasets from ptychography, EDS, EELS, SIMS and EBSD-imaging.

Press kit: http://www.theobjects.com/dragonfly/press-kit.zip.

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Source: ORS communications

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