Dr. Yvonne Burgos' New Book 'The Adventures of Lana and Lilly: Lilly Gets Adopted' is a Sweet Picture Book Celebrating Families Through Birth or Through Adoption

Fulton Books author Dr. Yvonne Burgos, a clinical psychologist with a doctorate degree in forensic psychology, a dog lover, and a dedicated wife with two stepchildren, has completed her most recent book "The Adventures Of Lana And Lilly:  Lilly Gets Adopted":   pleasing read that illustrates a dog's journey who got separated from her birth family and how she was able to still find a loving new home afterward. Lilly was rescued and brought to a foster home by a lady, but despite being sheltered and surrounded by a lot of dogs she suffers from fear of getting abandoned once again. One day, the foster lady introduced her to a couple who wanted her to be a new part of their family. The new environment made this young dog go through difficult and complex emotions. Will she be able to live peacefully with the new family she's with?

Dr. Burgos shares, "The Adventures of Lilly and Lana: Lilly Gets Adopted is a story for children who have been adopted or are longing for their forever home. This book is a useful tool for children who are in foster care or in the process of being adopted. It can also help develop empathy and sensitivity in children to understand that some children may not live with their birth family.

Lilly is a dog that is separated from her mother and family at a young age. She is rescued by a lady who fosters dogs and helps her find her forever family. However, Lilly's traumatic experience leads her to feel confused, sad, and afraid that she will be lost again. Lilly is grieving the loss of her family and trying to cope with the fear of being left alone again.

Lilly soon finds her forever family and finds the help she needs to heal. Her forever family also works with the behavioral therapist to better understand Lilly's behavior and helps her feel secure in their home. Although Lilly will always miss her birth family, she is happy she found her forever home."

Published by Fulton Books, Dr. Yvonne Burgos' book is a delightful publication meant to provide security and understanding to kids who are in the process of being adopted. It also gives insights to parents on how to deal with aloof adoptees.

This heartwarming tale shows that there's a lot of ways to become a family; birth families, blended families, and adoptive families.

Readers who wish to experience this fascinating work can purchase "The Adventures Of Lana And Lilly:  Lilly Gets Adopted" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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