Dr. Vonda Wright MD, MS, Brings Innovative Nanotechnology to Central Florida, Allowing the Most Minimally Invasive, Same-Day Diagnosis and Knee Surgery

Dr. Vonda Wright MD, MS, brings innovative nanotechnology to Central Florida, allowing the most minimally invasive, same-day diagnosis and knee surgery without incisions, general anesthesia or post-operative narcotics.

Knee with nanotechnology for incision-less knee surgery.

Dr. Vonda Wright, MD, MS, Orthopedic Sports Surgeon & President of Hughston Orthopaedics Southeast, partnered with UCF Lake Nona Hospital to bring a new arthroscopic technology to Central Florida. Nanotechnology allows patients the least invasive arthroscopic surgery currently available under local anesthesia while awake, without formal incisions, the need for post-operative narcotic pain control, and allows rapid recovery to normal.

The NanoScope visualization system, developed and manufactured by Arthrex, Inc. (Naples, FL), combines leading-edge technology in imaging sensors, LED Light, and image management. 

Dr. Wright developed this outpatient and in-office technique for knee surgery, meniscus debridement and repair, cartilage injuries, arthritis diagnosis and care. She is progressing the technology for the treatment of shoulder and hip and is the first to perform this range of procedures using nanotechnology in the region.

Patients meeting the criteria for use of nanotechnology do not require formal incisions, as the needle-sized 1.9mm chip-on-tip scope is placed via "ports of entry" under local anesthesia while patients are comfortable and awake, eliminating the need for general anesthesia and its sequela (see attached image).

"Nanoscope technology has been a game changer for my patients, as it allows them to be partners with me in their own medical care as they see their joints in real-time, understand the treatment and literally walk out of the procedure room with no incisions, require no post-operative narcotics and often no physical therapy. Their rapid recovery enables less time away from work and play. I believe it is the next leap forward in minimizing patient risk and optimizing recovery in musculoskeletal surgery." - Dr. Vonda Wright, MD, MS 

Dr. Wright and Hughston Orthopaedics are leaders in using innovative techniques for the most advanced care of patients to improve their experience, safety and outcomes. 

About Dr. Vonda Wright, MD, MS - Dr. Wright is a double-boarded, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon. A recognized authority on active aging, she harnesses innovative technology to provide integrative patient-centered orthopedic sports surgery and wellness programming for the last 20 years. Focusing on minimally invasive surgery for hip preservation, shoulder and knee reconstruction, cartilage restoration, orthobiologics and the latest in injury prevention and performance optimization, Dr. Wright also serves as the President of Hughston Orthopaedics Southeast. As a team physician, she has cared for multiple professional, college and youth football and Olympic sports teams, as well as players of the PGA  and the professional dancers of the Atlanta and Pittsburgh ballet companies. Dr. Wright is an accomplished researcher, 5x author, speaks worldwide and develops innovative programs for optimizing performance and minimizing injury from the ball field to the boardroom. www.drvondawright.com, www.hughstonlakenona.com 

About Arthrex

Arthrex, Inc. (Naples, Florida) is a global leader in orthopedic surgical device design, research manufacturing and medical education. Arthrex develops and releases more than 2,000 products and procedures every year to advance minimally invasive orthopedics worldwide. For more information, visit Arthrex.com

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