Dr. Steven Victor and ReGen Medical Announce That They Are Returning to Dubai to Treat Patients Sept. 16-23

Dr. Steven Victor, medical director of ReGen Medical, announces that he will be returning to Dubai to see patients in consultation for cellular therapy as well as administer treatments. The dates are Sept. 16-23. He will be working out of the Emirates Hospital Jumeriah Dubai which is now registered with the Dubai Health Authority for Regenerative Medicine.

According to Dr. Victor, “This is one step forward to developing a comprehensive Regenerative Wellness program at the Emirates Hospital Jumeriah and for Dubai. We believe that regenerative medicine and cellular therapy will be able to give numerous patients quality of life while saving the insurance companies vast amounts of money.” 

Dr. Steven Victor and his staff will be seeing and treating patients with unmet clinical needs as well as patients for aesthetic indications.

ReGen Medical Management LLC is an emerging leader in providing regenerative medicine services and innovative research in anti-aging, wellness and degenerative disease therapies. One of the main focuses of treatment offered for rejuvenation is via a patented cellular therapy process, using stromal vascular fraction cells (“stem cell therapy”). ReGen Medical Management LLC will exclusively manage the ReGen Medical treatment centers throughout the world. Experienced, seasoned professionals will staff the management company and the ReGen centers. 

ReGen will be able to forecast or identify many possible disease entities that can manifest based on the members’ health profile before symptoms become apparent or acute. This thorough process will allow for an optimal health plan to be developed and, ideally, stave off or help to treat many conditions. Additionally, this personalized plan will include detailed plans ranging from nutrition and diet to skin care and maximize each member’s quality of life. 

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