Dr. Shandon Thompson Utilizes the Latest DMX Imaging to Identify Hidden Car Accident Whiplash

Dr. Shandon Thompson, the director of premier healthcare company in Northern Virginia utilizes the next generation in X-Ray imaging

Great news for folks dealing with the problems that arise after an auto accident, Dr. Shandon Thompson of DMX Imaging, LLC identifies the hidden whiplash utilizing the revolutionary Digital Motion X-Ray Imaging. Now victims can claim the necessary compensation without any stress. DMX Imaging is changing lives across the United States.

When asked about the future in X-Ray, Dr. Shandon Thompson mentioned, "When I first saw a demonstration of Digital Motion X-ray (DMX) technology, I was amazed. I realized that I was witnessing a revolutionary diagnostic tool that could transform the lives of many people with chronic undiagnosed pain. DMX is often the only test available that can identify hidden injuries to ligaments and joints".

People injured in whiplash accident, have torn muscles and sprained ligaments. Torn muscles and sprained ligaments heal with scar tissue limiting the mobility and causing pain in especially in times of cold weather. It was estimated that 25% of people injured in car accidents do not make a full recover. Auto accident cause many hidden injuries such as sprains and strains, shoulder and neck pain, headaches, numbness, lower back pain, car seat belt injury and more.

Even slow-speed traffic collisions result in significant trauma. Some minor car accident whiplash can actually result in long-lasting pain and decrease enjoyment of life. People also fail to claim the necessary compensation for their injuries. To help overcome this, Dr. Shandon Thompson introduced the next generation in X-Ray Imaging. It objectively illustrates how the injury occurred, what structures are involved and the precise location and severity of the injury. This objective information can be life changing for patients, doctors and attorneys who represent accident victims.

Dr. Shandon also added, "Digital Motion X-ray takes a rapid series of x-rays while the patient is moving the injured part of their body. For example, car accident victims with undiagnosed whiplash injuries slowly move their head forward and backward to simulate the whiplash action that occurred at the moment of impact. DMX takes 30 individual x-rays per second to create the x-ray movie.The typical DMX video study takes about 15 minutes. The video is then copied onto a DVD for immediate viewing. Both can be provided to your physician, insurance company and attorney if needed".

Digital Motion X-Ray provides objective documentation of ligament injuries that could never be seen before. With the help of DMX, attorneys are routinely receiving insurance policy maximums for their clients' whiplash road accident claims.

Overall, Digital Motion X-Ray Imaging is an unbelievable technology helping many car accident victims.

About DMX Imaging

Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) Imaging is revolutionary that identifies hidden injuries missed by traditional X-Ray and MRI. It produces 30 X-Rays per second while the patient is in motion. Learn how DMX Imaging test uncovers the real source of your pain, visit http://digitalmotionxray.com/