Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi - Director General, Federal Investigation Agency Discusses Cybersecurity in Pakistan at Institute of Business Management


The Institute of Business Management (IoBM), one of Pakistan's top ranked private universities and business schools, held a public awareness session with Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi, Director General - Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), on cybersecurity and how the FIA is effectively tackling this challenging area.

Moderated by Talib Karim, President at IoBM, the talk is part of a series that focuses on engaging public servants and industry leaders to share experiences and learnings with the public.

Dr. Sanuallah, who has previously served as Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, is the recipient of the Quaid-e-Azam Police Medal and the Pakistan Police Medal and has authored a book on car lifting crimes. He is a faculty member at several renowned universities.

Dr. Sanaullah spoke about how cybersecurity is the need of the hour both personally and professionally. He stated, "The world has become a global village thanks to digital media. Alongside the positive elements, we also need to be careful when it comes to safeguarding our information online. For this purpose, the FIA has established cyber surveillance and cyber investigation teams that track suspects for crime prevention as well as investigate and arrest criminals when crimes are committed."

He shared that the FIA has arrested about 700 people over the past year involved in crimes ranging from fraud to harassment and pornography. The FIA is also working to establish seven centers of excellence with Pakistani universities for collaboration on student safety. Additionally, the FIA has partnered with international social media platforms.

Changing digital trends have exacerbated the need for robust cybersecurity practices and systems that keep computer systems and electronic data safe. In a world where more and more of our business and social lives are online, getting hacked isn't just a direct threat to confidential data, it can also ruin relationships and brands, and even result in significant legal jeopardy.

Closing the session, Talib Karim thanked Dr. Sanaullah for sharing his views and stated that IoBM is committed to undertaking similar events aimed at spreading knowledge and learning amongst the public.

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