Dr. Robert Armstrong Comments on Importance of Sports Medicine at Large Marathons

Using a well-stocked medical tent and an experienced team of sports medicine professionals, Kaiser Permanente was able to prepare for any emergencies at the Pasadena Marathon. Dr. Armstrong, sports medicine expert, commends these impressive efforts.

In Southern California approximately 7,000 runners, cyclists and walkers came together to participate in events at the Pasadena Marathon on May 20th. The event was comprised of a full marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K, 26.2 mile bike tour, and a fun run for children. Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, the event also was heavily staffed with medical professionals and a state-of-the-art disaster tent that was also provided by the hospital. According to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, the 25-bed disaster tent gave an opportunity for the hospital's sports medicine professionals to showcase their skills. Dr. Robert Armstrong, a practicing orthopedics professional, notes that these efforts are essential to creating a safe and fun atmosphere for everyone involved at athletic events.

Kaiser's James Hwang, M.D. and Joel Ramirez, M.D., headed the operations of the tent using the abilities as sports medicine fellows at the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center. In the article, the doctors state that the tent served as an excellent command center complete with solid flooring and air conditioning to keep staff and patients comfortable.

According to Dr. Armstrong, any prolonged physical activity in the hot sun can lead to several medical emergencies that include dehydration, cardiac arrest and problems pertaining to the musculoskeletal system. As a professional who is active in orthopedic reconstructive surgery, he notes that Kaiser Permanente's facility ensured proper care if needed; it was equipped with tools for proper triage care and enough staff to address any major issues.

"It is encouraging to see the effort that health care organizations like Kaiser Permanente are taking to prevent and treat sports related injuries," says Dr. Robert Armstrong. Having attended many large athletic events in the past, he knows that no precautions are too large when it comes to addressing sports injuries and athletically-induced medical emergencies. The doctor notes that it is essential to take immediate action in situations that involve sports injuries; the longer an issue is untreated or ignored the more severe the issue could become. Not only would it complicate the pain and healing of the impacted body part, but it could also require extensive surgery that would not have been necessary if immediate action were taken.

Dr. Robert Armstrong comments on Kaiser Permanente's dedication to continuing education, a topic also discussed within the article. The medical team invited high school and college students to participate in the tent to learn if sports medicine was a field they would be interested in. Dr. Ramirez noted that it gave students an opportunity for hands-on learning as they helped clean abrasions and lacerations. Armstrong is inspired by this educational effort and concludes, "All of us who have taken care of college and high school athletes, as well as weekend warriors, applaud their efforts."


With years of experience in adult reconstructive surgery and sports medicine, Dr. Robert Armstrong currently practices his medical expertise at West Penn Orthopedics. He is an expert in diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports-related injuries in addition to diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system. He works to heal patients to a point where they can eliminate pain and return to an independent lifestyle. With offices located in Clarion and DuBois, Pennsylvania, Dr. Robert Armstrong treats patients of all ages on a wide range of medical issues.

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