Dr Nate Browne DC Restores Patients Using Versatile Expertise

Dunwoody Chiropractor goes beyond traditional treatment to heal Atlanta area residents

“Courteous”; “Knowledgeable”; “Trustworthy”; “The best at what he does.”

A patient can go anywhere to receive chiropractic care. But when addressing and correcting serious health issues, why would you?

Dr Nate Browne has practiced various spinal and muscular-skeletal solutions for 12 years and currently serves patients in the Dunwoody area of Atlanta.

He grew up in Chicago and moved to Atlanta in 2004 to attend chiropractic school at Life University and has lived in the area since.

“I want to influence people in a positive way to help them achieve their goals whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual in order to better their quality of life,” Dr Browne said.

Dr Browne’s chiropractic treatments and methods are effective in relieving and eliminating neck and back pain, headaches and vertigo, digestive issues, eczema, insomnia and even thyroid disorder.

Patients are given a blueprint custom made to correct unique injuries and illnesses.

“We recognize that each patient is a whole person, and that helping them reach true health and wellness is a collaborative effort between our professionals and our patients,” he said.

Dr Browne tailors structured lifestyle and nutritional programs to individual needs. He takes everything one visit at a time, removing the stress of long-term commitments, drawn out care plans or financial decisions.

Well versed in traditional chiropractic care including spinal manipulation and adjustments, stretching and strengthening exercises, prenatal care and the like, Dr Browne is also an advanced certified doctor in what’s known as the Zone Technique.

To further diversify his expertise, Dr Browne learned this transformational chiropractic method from San Francisco-based chiropractic guru Dr Pete Goldman.

Taught in Dr Goldman’s Zone School of Healing, the technique uses spinal cord stimulation to communicate with six bodily zones to achieve optimal results in healing.

Throughout a period of time, Zone Technique practitioners are taught how each area relates to the body and mind through the glandular, eliminative, nervous, digestive, muscular and circulatory systems.

Dr Browne has practiced this technique for nearly two years and will complete the highest level of this mastermind program at a seminar in November.

“Since bringing this method into my practice, the results have been more far reaching and I’ve had great success in treating all different issues,” Dr Browne said. “This spinal cord technique is different … you don’t get your bones racked and cracked with the Zone Technique.”

The method reworks physical, chemical and emotional imbalances manipulating points in the back of the head that relate to the six different systems, ultimately finding a balance for perfect patient zone health.


“The best decision I’ve made in 12-plus years of practice was attending a Zone School of Healing Live event,” Dr Browne said. “Healing is why I’m here.”

For more information about receiving chiropractic care in the Dunwoody area, visit www.nbrownedc.com or email: nbrownedc@gmail.com.

Source: Nate Browne DC


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