Dr. Monderson, Author of Three President Obama Books' TV Interviews Airs November 29, December 2, 6, and 9, 2016

Dr. Fred Monderson, historian, photographer and author of his third recently published President Obama book's "Reflections on the Obama's Age's" Part 1 and 2 interviews on "1001 Ways to Cope With Stress" TV Show's, airs on BRIC-TV'S Channel 34, 8:30 pm, Tuesday, Nov. 29, and Dec 6, 8:30 pm and MNN-TV'S, 8 am; Friday, Dec. 2 and 9, 2016.

Dr. Fred Monderson

​Professor Kenshasa Shabaka, Mental Health Consultant, Executive Producer and Host of her 1001 Ways To Cope With Stress on MNN -TV Network's Channels 34 FIOS, 83 RCN, 56 and 1966 Time Warner, features Reflections of the Obama's Age's eminent Professor Dr. Fred Monderson, the historian, photographer and author of his President Obama's trilogy of books.  Professor Shabaka's  17th year 1001 Ways To Cope With Stress TV program is the first to televise Dr. Monderson's well-reviewed books, as comprehensive and photo-graphical exposes of President Obama's extraordinarily resilient two terms' U.S. leadership.

Leaving “no stone un-turned” Dr. Monderson presents President Obama as the highly approved 44th U.S. Commander and Chief, who strategically master-minded the well-being of our White House and nation's state of affairs, following America's 2008-2009 recession/near depression, as none other since the great President Franklin D. Roosevelt. His enthralling “hard to put down” books educate and inspire readers to study the amazing wherewithal of President Obama, his family, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton, his awesome Cabinet, and respectful Congressional leaders. Regarding Washington's infrastructure and extensive details about our nation's Capital city,  these books will satisfy millions of curious people, who wish, but may never visit Washington, D.C. 

"My books responded to negative books written about President Obama, and the humiliating, racist and cruel manner that some Republicans' U.S. Congressional leaders used to resist President Obama's wisdom and authority. As a researcher who acquires and analyzes as much as possible, my abundant facts, plus descriptive photographs of Washington, D.C's structures, portray how some monuments are visibly similar to those built in Ancient Egypt, was a must." Dr. Monderson reflected.

Dr. Monderson , Professor, Author, Historian, Photographer

Over 1000 published Daily Challenge, Afro-Times and New American articles by Professor Dr. Monderson, affirms how Guyana's most distinguished, versatile native, Brooklyn resident for approx. 55 years, became an academician , author, historian and photographer, earning  several college degrees. His 30 books include All About Guyana (as never written before) Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, Ojay Simpson titles, etc. An Egyptologist, and Dr. Ben Jochannon scholar, Dr. Monderson hosts Egyptian tours, also reflecting his wealth of indigenous Egyptology, African diaspora, contemporary books and novels. He links America's and Africa's historical, cultural and political landscape to President Obama's genius.

Responding to references that if one, if not some of his President Obama books reached a million Americans, our White House would have remained Democratic with Hillary Clinton's as President, Dr. Monderson clarified, “Previously, there was seldom time to promote each book, After writing and typing each book, I'd began another. In October 2016 my third President Obama book was published.”

Dr. Monderson's interview is also available on www.bricartsmedia.org Channel 1, shown on the above program schedule. also visit https://youtu.be/wFB2yTdOxSU. Email press inquiries to Sumonpublishers.com@sumonpublishers.com or call Michael Monderson at 917-808-7096. END .

Source: SuMon Publishing

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