Dr. Mace Richter, a Licensed Chiropractor, Publishes His Book, a Doctor's Guide to Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr. Mace Richter’s newly published book, A Doctor’s Guide to Peripheral Neuropathy, has just been released. 

Dr. Richter of Richter Chiropractic states in his book that Peripheral Neuropathy usually begins with pain, tingling, numbness, or prickling in the toes or fingers. This numbness may spread up to the feet or hands and even as far up as the knees. Other common symptoms are burning, freezing, throbbing and/or shooting pains that are often worse at night.

Dr. Richter of Richter Chiropractic observes that symptoms can vary depending on which nerves are damaged and for how long.

These are the most common symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy, a disease caused by damage to the Peripheral Nervous System. Through Dr. Mace Richter’s research he discovered that tens of millions of Americans, and many more millions of people around the globe. Medical predictions are that before long, Peripheral Neuropathy, diagnosis of which are ever increasing, will become one of the most prevalent medical conditions in America.

During more of Dr. Mace Richter’s research he found estimates from medical schools, and Neuropathy organizations puts the number of people suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy at 20 to 30 million in the U.S alone, with millions more being diagnosed each year. Currently, 8% of the millions of Medicare patients, seniors, have Peripheral Neuropathy as a secondary diagnosis in their diagnostic record.

These figures do not take into account the large number of undiagnosed cases or the cases that are developing and could be reversed easily due to early discovery. Dr. Richter points out in his books that this is because Peripheral Neuropathy is still largely unrecognized by many physicians and the media in general. Often doctors accept it as a matter of course, not something to be addressed.

Source: Richter Chiropractic


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