Dr. Luiza Petre Shares Tips for Heart Health Month on TipsOnTV

Cardiologist Dr. Luiza Petre Explains the Critical Need to Live a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle.

Dr. Luiza Petre

American Heart Month is observed each February to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy heart and to encourage habits that help reduce the risk of heart disease. Learn why staying active, eating healthy and watching weight is critically important. Cardiologist and nutrition expert Dr. Luiza Petre shares important information about lowering the risks for heart disease through practical eating habits and regular exercise. 


The Withings ScanWatch is the smartwatch of choice when it comes to monitoring heart health and fitness activities. It offers users the ability to take an ECG and monitor blood oxygen in a smartwatch. Additionally, ScanWatch offers 24/7 health monitoring, which includes sleep tracking, with all the heart monitoring and health data recorded on Withings' free Health Mate app. It has an unrivaled 30-day battery life, comes in a choice of face colors and wristbands. They have a starting cost of just under $280. For more information, visit www.withings.com.


Shopping for healthier foods does not have to be expensive. Check out these delicious "Nutsome" products from Save A Lot, including roasted almonds, walnuts, pecans, and this Omega-3 trail mix. Save A Lot is the ultimate solution for healthy eats and grocery essentials.  They offer quality ingredients and value to its customers every day for a fraction of the cost compared to regular grocery stores. Save A Lot is the one-stop-shop for heart-healthy foods and snacks with a lot of quality products at a great value. For more information, go to savealot.com


A new study shows that krill oil significantly reduces the fat lipid levels in the blood, which is a very important measure of heart health.  Krill oil naturally contains super nutrients such as choline and fatty acids EPA and DHA, and its efficient absorption into the body makes it a great solution over other Omega-3 options. Look for krill oil products powered by Superba Krill. The human body does not produce Omega-3 on its own, so supplementation with krill oil is necessary to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. To learn more, go to Superbakrill.com.


It is important to keep track of food intake, and that is exactly what MyFitnessPal does. MyFitnessPal makes it easy to understand how daily habits impact overall health so anyone can maintain a heart-healthy diet. With a database of over 14 million foods, it makes it easy to manage cholesterol and sugar intake, incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and fiber, and to see how they impact overall health to reach those weight and health goals. To start tracking today, go to www.myfitnesspal.com.


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