Dr. Lara Devgan Launches Creative Collagen Cocktail in Partnership With American Bar

The world-renowned plastic surgeon serves the upscale tables of American Bar with her aesthetic expertise.

Dr. Devgan's Dorian Gray now available at American Bar

Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, in partnership with American Bar, is pleased to announce the cheeky and collagen-infused cocktail, Dr. Devgan’s Dorian Gray. Named for Oscar Wilde's complicated protagonist who stays young and beautiful while his portrait ages, Dr. Devgan's Dorian Gray is a nod to how the zeitgeist is approaching modern beauty: with moderation. 

Exclusive to the iconic Greenwich Village restaurant American Bar best known for its hamburgers and fries, Dr. Devgan's Dorian Gray references both her renowned plastic surgery practice and her skincare line. Stimulating a youthful glow without selling the soul, Dr. Devgan and American Bar are fusing fruity notes with a garnish of Dr. Devgan's proprietary collagen nutraceutical, Collagen Booster Hearts.

Collagen Booster Hearts are made with a unique plant-based formulation of collagen, D-biotin, and calcium. After age 20, the body’s collagen production slows down and with it, the skin’s elasticity, hydration, and turgor. These heart-shaped gummy vitamins can help promote the body’s collagen and hyaluronic acid production, thereby supporting healthy radiant skin.

Scientific Beauty’s Collagen Booster Hearts are available at major retailers, including Nordstrom, Revolve, Saks, Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi, Equinox Health Clubs and Hotels, and at Dr. Devgan's flagship location on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The Hearts are vegan, nut-free, kosher friendly, halal friendly, and made in the United States.

Dr. Devgan’s Dorian Gray is available exclusively at American Bar in Greenwich Village at 33 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014.

About Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty

Seeking the pinnacle of scientific advancement in skincare, celebrated plastic surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan presents her meticulously curated line, acclaimed by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, Forbes, and more: Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty. Fusing luxury with scientifically proven ingredients, Dr. Devgan's award-winning formulations promise tangible results, earning the trust of medical professionals, editors, and users alike. Drawing upon her expertise, Scientific Beauty endeavors to seamlessly integrate surgical values and aesthetic expertise with a skincare line, offering users access to clinically validated ingredients. It’s clean, medical-grade beauty.

About American Bar

American Bar is an homage to the country's culinary classics, offering timeless Continental cuisine to a room with the sensibility, design, and community of an old-world European club, featuring a brass-rail cocktail lounge, terrazzo bar, sunshine yellow dining room, and curtained-off private dining area. American Bar draws on travels to private members' clubs like Mark’s and Harry's Bar in London and Stateside institutions including Chasen’s, Mortimer’s, and Swifty’s to create a restaurant that exudes clubbiness without exclusivity.

Source: Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty

About Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty

Featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, and Wall Street Journal, plastic surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan’s award-winning and editor-approved skincare line has been praised for integrating luxury and scientifically backed luxury ingredients that are designed to provide users with real results. Expanding on her medical expertise, Dr. Devgan aims to vertically integrate her surgical practice with her skincare line to provide users with clinically proven ingredients. From her award-winning Hyaluronic Serum to her multi-viral Platinum Lip Plump, users can trust that only the best in class medical grade ingredients are included in her formulations.

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