Dr Kate Jameson Pioneers Youth Lab, a State of the Art Cosmetic Clinic in Perth, WA

Introducing the trendsetting cosmetic clinic founded by WA-based cosmetic physician Dr. Kate Jameson.

Youth Lab was developed to meet the growing demand in the Western Australian market for high-quality, doctor-driven cosmetic treatments at affordable prices.

After exploring clinics in major cities across Australia, the US and UK, Dr Kate noticed there was an opportunity sitting for her in WA. “Patients pay a premium for doctor-led cosmetic treatments and often the service is subpar. I wanted to create an environment that matched their investment, not just in quality results but the whole clinic journey and aftercare service,” Dr Kate states. She continued, “The Youth Lab brand is centered around delivering the latest in cosmetic medicine, in a stunning environment, with the goal of helping evoke confidence in all patients who come through our doors”.

The clinic oozes sophistication, class and yet remains warm and welcoming to its patients. Treatments delivered are wide ranging including cosmetic injectables and dermal treatments, to advanced laser treatments utilising some of the latest laser technology available to the Australian market.

“The prime focus for Youth Lab is the skin, and educating patients on their skin health. One of our key points of difference with many clinics is our dedication to educating our patients on this through skin consultations, reading material and seminars. My background in General Practice motivates me to ensure all patients are making the best choices for their skin health”.

Establishing the Youth Lab brand in 2018 as WA’s premier cosmetic clinic is Dr Kate’s main objective, however she already has her eye on the future, stating “initial demand for the Youth Lab brand has been overwhelming and if our current trajectory holds we predict rapid expansion with several more clinic locations before 2020.”

Media Contact: 
Jon Ogden
Phone: (08) 9324 1604
Email: hello@youthlab.com.au

Source: Youth Lab


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