Dr. Joseph L. Williams Brings KolorStruck Documentary & Race Solutions National Tour to Chicago

Dr. Joseph L. Williams will be hosting a screening of the documentary KolorStruck at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church (754 E. 77th Street | Chicago, IL 60619) on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 10 am - 3 pm.

Dr. Joseph L. Williams will be hosting a screening of the documentary KolorStruck at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church (754 East 77th Street, Chicago, IL 60619) on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 10 am – 3 pm.

KolorStruck: A Compelling Look Into The Issues of Race.   KolorStruck explores the social, economic, and legal implications of race on ideologies, public policy, popular culture and world views by some of the foremost authorities on race in modern day as it charts the far reaching implications of race on our society.

It's time to take issues of racism and not be reactive but more so proactive. Race Solutions is a national tour that is taking place at colleges, schools, churches and community centers across the U.S. This is not a town hall meeting or discussion to complain and talk; instead Race Solutions will motivate actual change.

Dr. Joseph L. Williams

Executive Producer

The film’s unique collection of stories and expert commentary include: Dr. Joseph Graves Jr., Dr. Rosalind Chou, Rev. Al Sharpton Jr., Dr. Cottrell Carson, Rev. Jasper Williams Jr., and Rev. Jesse Jackson

The film is being screened as part of Race Solutions, a component of KolorStruck.  Race Solutions is an interactive experience that allows audiences to engage and take progressive action to move race relations to another level.   KolorStruck and Race Solutions are designed to enlighten and cause thought provoking discussions, it is a movement. The movement is designed to stimulate people to begin the important dialogue that is necessary to create one race - the human race. “Humankind is the antidote to the concept of race and in order to overcome the fallacy of race as a socially constructed phenomenon, we hold the key,” said Williams, Executive Producer.

About the Executive Producer

Dr. Joseph L. Williams is an accomplished author, public speaker, life coach and pastor committed to improving the world through promoting greater self-awareness, social consciousness and spiritual growth. Since 2003, Dr. Williams has served as Pastor of Salem Bible Church, where he assists his father, Senior Pastor Jasper Williams, Jr. in fulfilling the vision of Salem Bible Church. In addition to his obligations as a pastor, Dr. Williams is an active life coach and social activist who makes numerous appearances across the United States to motivate, encourage and enlighten individuals on spirituality, health and wellness. Dr. Williams has been a guest speaker at events ranging from civic organizations to the dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C. where he addressed over 50,000 attendees. He has made guest appearances on CNN, Georgia Public Television and numerous talk, radio and television programs.


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