Dr. Joe Dispenza Reaches the Pinnacle of Health

Transformational Leader Recognized by Top Community in Health and Wellness

Nearly 500 attendees joined Mindshare Collaborative for an immersive weekend in strategies to vault their healthcare practices, culminating in a glamorous evening of awards to recognize standout achievers.  

This year's top honor, the coveted Pinnacle Award, went to New York Times bestselling author, researcher and international lecturer Dr. Joe Dispenza. The Pinnacle Award is given each year to recognize a true transformational leader who has reached the pinnacle of their career, someone who is courageous and innovative, and whose work not only transforms lives, but paves the way for unlimited success for others.

In accepting the award, Dr. Joe said, "We're all here because we have a knowingness in our heart that never seems to go away and it's that feeling that brings people to the greater understanding of what's possible. The world is waiting for a new message, and I think that we all have that message to share."

Dr. Joe is best known for creating a bridge between true human potential and the latest scientific theories of neuroplasticity. He has single-handedly transformed millions of lives and embraces the Mindshare values imparted by the philosophy "a rising tide lifts all boats." Mindshare is a community that encourages health practitioners to collaborate in service of elevating everyone around them, including their patients and clients.

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