Dr. J the Counselor Brings Tough Marriage Issues to Light, Live on the Red Carpet

The Official Launch Party of KJLH 102.3's popular Sunday night talk show brings the show to live television on this special night.

On August 22nd, 2015, Popular KJLH 102.3 Radio show, Dr. J the Counselor, makes its live television debut. Dr. J The Counselor is the hottest new relationship show on radio and television. Dr. J addresses real issues of concern in a spiritual yet creative and relevant way that reaches real people. Dr. J The Counselor consistently breaks the barriers of unaddressed relationship issues across this nation. The show covers a wide range of marriage and relationship problems, including hard to talk about topics such as adultery, rape, abuse, and more. The Dr. J the Counselor show has been on KJLH 102.3 every Sunday night since October 2014. Past shows have included: “Why are men not getting married,” “Situations of Rape and Abuse,” “Adultery in the Church,” “Trapped, Are you Stuck?” and “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” 

The Dr J The Counselor Live Launch Party will be broadcasted on both television and radio, and will give audience members the opportunity to watch Dr J share his gift in person. On the show, there will be two couples that will candidly discuss the affairs they had, why they had them, and how it impacted their marriages and families. The one-of-a-kind event will feature appearances from celebrities such as Actor Stoney Jackson and Karate Hall of Fame Champion Donnie Williams. There will also be musical performances by Ty Snow & Xtreme Purpose, Michael Speaks, and more.

"Dr. J The Counselor consistently breaks the barriers of unaddressed relationship issues across this nation."

Red Carpet Interviews will begin at 4:00 PM, and filming will begin at 5:00 PM. Also attending will be Dr J The Counselor show regulars, Lady J, and “The Voice,” KD and Shed. 

For press inquiries, setting up interviews, or event attendance: info@drjthecounselor.com

About Dr. J the Counselor: Pastor Fredrick “Dr. J” Jacobs is an American television host, radio personality, counselor, entrepreneur, chief executive officer, author, and executive celebrity chef. Alongside business partner, actor Stoney Jackson, he serves up authentic Soul Food cuisine to celebrity clients. He is also a Pastor at The Family Church International of Pasadena, under the Leadership of Actor and World Karate Champion Bishop Donnie Williams. Dr. J The Counselor is the celebrity’s choice and provides counseling to many celebrities in the Hollywood area. Author of the upcoming book, “Do I Want to Stay Married?”, Dr. J is making his mark on this generation of change. He speaks and shares his story of hope and empowerment with all whom he encounters.

Dr. Jacobs holds a Bachelors in Business Administration, a Masters in Counseling, a Doctorate in Theology, and a Doctorate in Counseling. Described as a trailblazer, spiritual leader, and entrepreneur, he is not short on influence or wisdom. While in college Dr. Jacobs managed a Mental Health Facility. It was at this place that he grasped on to the belief that you can’t have spirituality without some psychology. He is a sought after speaker who travels the nation delivering a message that says you have to partner with God and participate in your own life choices.

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