Dr. Harold J. Lawler III Donates Thanksgiving Turkeys to Families in Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida

Dr. Harold J Lawler III, an Occupational Medicine & General Preventive Medicine physician based in Florida donates 220 turkeys to single families in Bradenton and Sarasota.

Dr. Lawler decided to continue with his family tradition of donating turkeys to single mothers in the Bradenton and Sarasota areas. Prior to graduating medical school from the University of Alabama in 1988, almost 30 years ago, the Lawler family began sponsoring two families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. The meals were prepared at their home and then sent anonymously to families in need.

I urge the medical community to support families throughout our community. If you can donate one turkey or vegetables for a family's meal this holiday season, please do.

Dr. Lawler

When asked why Dr. Harold J. Lawler III felt the need to sponsor families during the holidays, he said this: “It became obvious to me that when one is blessed with more, sharing a portion of what we’ve been blessed to receive is the most natural and honorable practice to undertake.”

“As a firm believer in cause and effect, it is my duty, as a citizen of this community, to improve all that I can, however small the contribution. My family started helping two families a year and now we’ve grown to support almost 220. It’s amazing what a dramatic opportunity there is for us to give back in this manner. It’s quite rewarding.”  

Dr. Lawler finds families in need by contacting local shelters and Boys & Girl Clubs throughout the greater Sarasota, Florida area. These sources provide an adequate list of single parents with two or more children to support. These families currently live below the current poverty line. The rate of poverty is 5 percent greater in Bradenton than it is throughout the entire state of Florida.

Dr. Lawler also uses websites like SingleMomAssistance.org to find organizations that can support his donation. Throughout his years of helping families, Dr. Harold J. Lawler said there are two types of families, those who are working hard to keep their family above water and those families who aren’t aware of how to improve their lives. We look for mothers who are hardworking and truly want more for their kids yet find themselves in a difficult situation.

One can tell the difference right away. Single mothers who work two jobs actively seek assistance because there just isn’t enough to go around. Oftentimes, the mothers are still in school and the father isn’t in the picture.

Dr. Harold J. Lawler isn’t attacking low-income families. “I completely understand that bad situations can happen to anyone. My only aim is to continue to support as many families as possible; and if I’m able to make a positive improvement in their lives, then all the better.

“I urge the medical community to support families throughout our community. If you can donate one turkey or vegetables for a family’s meal this holiday season, please do.” Dr. Lawler continued, “The centers I contact are receiving larger requests for vegetarian dishes that they have in years prior. This year we are donating more vegetables and meat alternatives.”

Dr. Lawler’s next steps are to continue to his annual turkey donation and to incorporate additional vegetarian meals for those non-turkey eaters.

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