Dr. Ernst von Schwarz Details Stem Cell Therapy Study for Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Ernst von Schwarz

Results from a new study on stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction (ED) show promise, says co-author Dr. Ernst von Schwarz. The study, "Intracavernous Injection of Stem Cell-Derived Bioactive Molecules for Erectile Dysfunction — a pilot phase non-randomized controlled trial," was published Aug. 10, 2021, in Journal of Men's Health. 

"This is the largest study ever performed testing allogenic stem cell injections for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, which resulted in a significant improvement of erectile dysfunction (ED)," says Dr. Ernst von Schwarz, who just announced the upcoming publication of his highly anticipated book, "The Secret World of Stem Cell Therapy," to be published by Morgan James Publishing, New York, in spring 2022. 

"Stem cell therapy — even though not FDA approved — represents the most important and most promising advance in modern medicine to date," says Dr. von Schwarz.

The International Index of Erectile Function — Erectile Function (IIEF-EF) domain score is a patient questionnaire used to measure various aspects of erectile performance and assess disease severity in efficacy trials concerning ED.

"In this study, IIEF-5 scores improved from 12.9 ± 4.47 at baseline to 18 ± 3.37 at follow-up, which was highly significant," says Dr. von Schwarz. "More than 50% of men above the age of 50 years suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED), and there are at least 30 million men in the U.S. diagnosed with ED."

The IIEF addresses the most relevant aspects of male sexual function including erectile strength, orgasm, desire, satisfaction with intercourse and overall satisfaction. The questionnaire has the necessary sensitivity and specificity required to detect treatment-related changes in patients with ED.

The IIEF classifies the severity of ED into five categories:

  • No ED. 26-30
  • Mild. 22-25
  • Mild to moderate. 17-21
  • Moderate. 11-16
  • Severe. 6-10

"The presented study is the first to demonstrate beneficial effects of intracavernosal injections containing stem cell-derived bioactive molecules on ED in the largest patient sample reported to date. Stem cell treatment of impaired erectile function is a promising therapeutic approach. Large scale clinical controlled trials are warranted to demonstrate further evidence for a generalized acceptance of stem cell treatment for ED outside of clinical studies." — Journal of Men's Health 

Dr. von Schwarz is a world-renowned, triple-board-certified clinical and academic cardiologist and clinical professor of medicine at UCLA and UC Riverside. drvonschwarz.com

Source: Dr. Ernst von Schwarz

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