Dr. Eliza Parker and Cadella Medical Spa Make a Generous Donation to Chicago Human Services Initiative

Having already demonstrated her philanthropic nature through donations to a number of celebrated women's charities, Eliza Parker, MD has now pledged her support for The Chicago Help Initiative.

Through her boutique medical spa and wellness business, Dr. Eliza Parker has made a substantial donation of over $5,000 to the initiative which serves to lend a helping hand in assisting homeless and low-income individuals in Chicago.

"They serve meals, create community, and provide options to those in need," explains Dr. Parker, founder of Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center, based in Chicago.

The Chicago Help Initiative intends to put a stop to hunger by providing meals to homeless, underprivileged, and unemployed Chicagoans. "In addition," Dr. Parker adds, "they're dedicated to connecting those in need with the resources and social services which they require in order to thrive under difficult circumstances."

Each week, the initiative's volunteers, benefactors, and sponsors offer both their time and much-needed funds in an effort to help those who are less fortunate.

"At Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center, we've been able to donate over $5,000 to The Chicago Help Initiative," remarks Dr. Parker. "The initiative is a consortium of business, residential, religious, social service, institutional, and volunteer leaders who strive to promote an atmosphere of dignity and compassion towards those in need. They do so by providing access to food, health services, shelter, and employment."

The Chicago Help Initiative also works to educate local businesses and residents on how they can best help to ease the plight of the homeless and disadvantaged. "It's about improving their well-being, self-esteem, and productivity," Dr. Parker adds.

Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center's goal is to provide exceptional levels of medical and aesthetic care in refined and relaxed surroundings. The business aims to offer the highest standards of individually tailored care by recognizing that each client's needs are unique, addressing their specific wishes, and exceeding all expectations.

Dr. Parker explains, "We strive towards perfection in each of our services, and in fulfilling the wishes of our patients. We do so with the goal of providing the utmost levels of care and attention, ensuring long-lasting and strong bonds are built with each of our clients."

"Our hope," Dr. Parker goes on to add, "is that everyone leaves Cadella Medical Spa feeling that their needs have been met, with their concerns addressed, and knowing that they've taken a step further towards becoming their best self."

As founder of Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center, Eliza Parker, M.D. is a board-certified physician. Graduating from Harvard University, Dr. Parker trained at Cornell Weill Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. As Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center's medical director, Dr. Eliza Parker focuses on lifelong wellness with expertise in non-invasive facial aesthetics, laser treatment, skin rejuvenation, and cosmetic injections.

To find out more about The Chicago Help Initiative, to donate, or to volunteer, visit http://chicagohelpinitiative.org.

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