Dr. Elias Ortiz Reaches 10,000 Bariatric Surgeries Milestone

​Elias Ortiz & Company, one of the leading weight loss specialists in Mexico servicing the USA and Canada, announced today that co-founder and Chief Surgeon Dr. Elias Ortiz has reached a new milestone by completing 10,000 bariatric surgeries over his eight-year career as a bariatric surgeon. He was the chief surgeon at A Lighter Me for seven years before leaving to co-found Elias Ortiz & Company in July of 2019.

As a reference for comparing the significance of achieving 10,000 bariatric surgeries, according to the Global Clinic Rating (GCR), an independent international organization that healthcare providers can submit information to for accreditation, the number one bariatric surgeon listed has performed 7,500 hundred surgeries over 10 years. Elias Ortiz & Company is not a member of the GCR and, therefore, is not included in their rankings.

In recognition of his industry and patient achievements, Dr. Elias Ortiz was invited to speak at the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) 2019 Conference, where he shared his expertise in delivering successful outcomes for patients with the gastric sleeve procedure to an auditorium of bariatric surgeons from around the world.

“Performing 10,000 bariatric surgeries means you're an expert in your field. One of the top, if not the most experienced, weight loss surgeons in the world. We're proud to provide this level of expertise in weight loss surgery to our patients and aim to be the leading weight loss surgery provider in Mexico servicing the USA and Canada,” said co-founder Michele Riter.

As a result of his professionalism, personality and patient successes, Dr. Elias Ortiz has amassed over 38,000 members on his Facebook Groups*. These groups contain a mix of prospective and past patients of Dr. Elias Ortiz. Here, prospective patients can learn from past patients as they share their weight loss journey and can interact with employees of Elias Ortiz & Company, including Dr. Elias Ortiz himself.

About Elias Ortiz & Company: Elias Ortiz & Company provides all-inclusive weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. The company is led by Dr. Elias Ortiz and industry veterans Michele Riter and Janese Pitcher.

Company Address: 1140 St. Vincent St., Utica, NY 13501 USA

Press Contact: Janese Pitcher

Email: janese@eliasortiz.co

Website: https://eliasortiz.co

*Facebook Groups:

EOC Official FB Group

EOC Bariatric Support Group

Source: Elias Ortiz & Company