Dr. Dennis Dass Reveals the Hottest Plastic Surgery Procedures After the Shutdowns

Months of working from home and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic drive unprecedented demand for face and body procedures, says Dr. Dennis Dass, a renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon.

“The demand for plastic surgery has only increased during the COVID -19 shutdowns,” says Dr. Dennis Dass. “Many patients are interested in ‘shaping up’ after the shutdowns with face or body procedures.”

“With the pandemic, we’re doing many things virtually. We’re conducting Skype or Zoom meetings for business and with family and friends, and many of us are realizing that we have a little extra fat under the chin that we can see on-screen. These patients are really great candidates for the Mini Neck Lift. It’s a quick procedure to get rid of that so-called “Zoom neck”.

The Mini Neck Lift is done through a tiny opening through which I remove the fat with liposuction. Then, I use a laser to tighten the skin to create a super-smooth profile, with no more Zoom neck.

Shaping Up
With gyms closed and exercise opportunities greatly diminished many patients are opting for liposuction and body contouring procedures to remove stubborn fat and reshape the body, says Dr. Dass.

“The TruCurve Brazilian Butt Lift is a technique I developed to create dramatically beautiful results, designed to complement each woman’s body type. With TruCurve I consider the patient’s unique proportions as I sculpt a smaller waistline, eliminate any ‘hip dips’ and use the patient’s harvested fat to add pleasing volume, contours and projection to the buttock.”

The TruCurve Brazilian Butt Lift takes about two and a half hours. Optimal results are seen six weeks after the procedure. 

For more information visit DassMD.com. Virtual consultations are available by calling 1-855-496-4646.

Source: Dr. Dennis Dass


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