Dr. Dee Gaines Offers a Method Everyone Can Use to Combat Dementia

Award-winning Neuropsychologist Helps People Age With Dignity With Her Breakthrough Educational Videos

A diagnosis of dementia or dementia-causing illness is a shocking and life-altering moment for a person. Our aging population is dealing with these diagnoses at an accelerated rate. A study out of Rush Institute for Healthy Aging in Chicago estimates the number of people living with Alzheimer’s will triple by the year 2050. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that by mid-century, 28 million baby boomers will be living with the disease.

“Even now, my practice can’t handle the number of people flooding into my office asking for help managing their symptoms,” said Dr. Dee Gaines, a practicing neuropsychologist in Beverly Hills. “The crisis has already begun.”

"Dr. Dee Gaines, an award-winning neuropsychologist, scientist, clinician, and field leader, created the first set of educational videos and book manual of: 'Combating Dementia in 30 Days — Everything You Must Know to Keep Your Brain Sharp and Plan Your Future Right!'"

K. Drorit Gaines, Ph.D.

Knowing what dementia is and what can be done to treat it takes years of learning. For patients and their families, it often takes many private sessions with a doctor and out-of-pocket expenses. The reality is most people cannot afford that. So Dr. Gaines has developed a comprehensive, affordable system that is accessible to everyone. Her video series and brief manual take you through the process of understanding cognitive aging and what you can do about it.

“As a teenager, I worked with the elderly at my parents' retirement center. Later as a doctor, I led a Memory Program at UCLA to help the elderly stay sharp,” Dr. Gaines said. “From clarification of diagnosis, setting up treatment plans, and helping my patients with cognitive boosting while dancing, I am committed to bringing the right knowledge to people, for a better life.”

This product is the first of its kind, making all of the relevant information attainable so people can plan their aging with dignity, and allows busy doctors to educate their patients. Dr. Gaines is careful to introduce to you what science teaches us, and how to practice it in day-to-day life. Get educated, know what to do, and plan your aging right with Dr. Dee!

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