Dr. Cesar Parra Leads Piaffe Performance Team to Exciting Results at Palm Beach Derby

Piaffe Performance leader Dr. Cesar Parra and his team were in top form during the latest historic Palm Beach Derby.

Dr. Cesar Parra is certainly no stranger to dressage success, having achieved success in numerous competitions throughout his notable dressage career. Last weekend’s historic Palm Beach Derby was certainly no exception, as Parra and the Piaffe Performance team once again returned to top form and achieved amazing results throughout the course of one of the field’s biggest professional competitions.

Van the Man, a horse trained by Dr. Cesar Parra and the Piaffe Performance and owned by Sarah and Michael Davis, once again returned to the ring of professional dressage competition, performing quite impressively and winning the National GP test on Friday with a top score of 71.7%. Even more exciting was the debut dressage achievement of Fiderhit OLD, also owned by Sarah and Michael Davis, who accomplished an impressive 74% score in her first ever PSG competition.

"I was so very proud of her, she is really an amazing horse."

Dr. Cesar Parra, Leader of the Piaffe Performance Team

 “I was so very proud of her, she is really an amazing horse,” says Dr. Cesar Parra, longtime leader of the Piaffe Performance team. “And it is so special when you as a trainer get to see the progression of the horse from 3 years old to the FEI level, I can’t really express it.  It feels like just yesterday she was a baby, and now she has started her career at the international levels in a fantastic way.”

Parra’s students also performed impressively at the Palm Beach competition, bringing a smile, and considerable pride, to both Parra and his Piaffe Performance instructional team. One student, Bebe Davis, scored an inspired 73% at her YR PSG, riding Feivel Mousekevitz to an incredible victory, and also achieved considerable success atop the horse Rotano during a competitive open FEI Test of Choice class, where Davis and Rotano earned a 72% in the Junior Team test. Student Eduardo Munoz proudly showed his horse, Benji, for this first time this Florida season at 4th level, and achieved victory all three days of competition. Katt Mills, another Parra student, also experienced a great weekend at the Palm Beach Derby, scoring an incredible 70% at 3rd level atop her horse Fabiano.

Dr. Cesar Parra is proud of the considerable success his team and his students achieved at the  Palm Beach Derby, and look forward to continuing that success in the next dressage competition.

About: Dr. Cesar Parra and his team are proud of their recent Palm Beach successes.


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