Dr. Brett Greenky: Hope Through Perseverance

​Dr. Brett Greenky is a top joint replacement surgeon in the United States. Getting to where he is today wasn’t easy, as he wrestled with personal struggles and, naturally, wrestlers.

Before Brett was a top joint replacement surgeon, Brett Greenky established himself as a top high school wrestler on a national level. Dr. Brett Greenky had a high school wrestling record of 105-4-1, placing second and third in high school wrestling nationals in 1974 and 1975.

His wrestling prowess was honed at home. Brett and his brother, Seth Greenky, watched the 1972 Olympics in a third-floor bedroom they shared. During commercial breaks, the two brothers would wrestle each other. Those brotherly battles went beyond polite practicing.

“When we went downstairs after wrestling, all the light fixtures had fallen down and smashed,” Dr. Brett Greenky reflected.

​Brett’s dominance in the ring resulted in a wrestling scholarship at Northwestern University. Before being awarded the scholarship, Brett Greenky had to earn it. “In my freshman year, I didn’t have a scholarship. You make the team, you get a scholarship,” Dr. Brett Greenky said, “I couldn’t afford the school otherwise.” By his senior year at Northwestern, Brett was a four-year starter and the team captain.

​While Brett worked his way to a wrestling scholarship, his true passion was giving back to people. That passion motivated him as he worked toward his medical degree. After completing his undergraduate studies at Northwestern, Brett moved on to Long Island University for his Master’s degree. While Brett received tuition reimbursement as the Long Island University wrestling coach, he had to persevere.

“I was eating liverwurst and peanut butter and jelly every day,” Dr. Greenky said about his days of pursuing a Master’s degree.

​After earning his medical degree from Upstate Medical University, years after being a wrestler and a coach throughout college, Dr. Greenky gave back to the next generation of doctors to help them achieve their dream career. As an orthopedics professor at Upstate Medical University, Dr. Brett Greenky has trained over 100 surgeons.

​In that spirit of giving back, Dr. Brett Greenky leads Operation Walk New York, a non-profit that performs joint replacement surgeries at no cost for severely arthritic patients in countries with underdeveloped medical systems.

​While Dr. Brett Greenky has been recognized among the best doctors for many years, he finds that helping people is the most rewarding part of the job.

“In orthopedics, you can fix almost everything, which is satisfying,” said Dr. Brett Greenky.

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