Dr. Brandt® Skincare Has Added a New PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator to Its 'Pores No More' Collection

Refine pores and clean your skin with new PoreDermabrasion pore perfecting exfoliator from dr. brandt® skincare, in stores this July.

Dr. brandt Skincare is changing the way skincare products are made by using the power of in-office dual-action pore perfecting technology. New PoreDermabrasion pore perfecting exfoliator is a professional grade pore perfector created for various skin types, regardless of the age of consumer. The product is the newest addition to the best-selling ‘pores no more’ collection by dr. brandt and uses a dual-action formula that immediately deep cleans and refines pores by reducing impurities that cause clogging and congestion.

One of the most common concerns among patients is enlarged pores. PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator has ingredients that continue to strengthen and tighten the pore walls that visibly diminish the appearance of the pores. The formula was created using effective latest ingredients and technology to deliver visible results.

Dual pore exfoliation technology is used in the product including professional quality micro-crystals and caviar lime extract that work to slough off dead skin and remove impurities. Apart from that, Salicylic acid is used to unclog pores and lentil seed extract strengthens and tightens pore walls for a polished appearance. Tazmanian Pepper Berry is also used to soothe sensitive skin and reduce discomfort.

According to Clinical satisfaction tests*, the product showed the following results –

After One Application

-           97% reported that skin felt cool and refreshed

-           93% reported that their skin looked smoother and softer

-           90% reported that the product exfoliates without being abrasive

-           83% reported that the product reduced shine and provided a matte look

-           80% reported that their pores appeared clarified and purified

After Four Weeks

-           100% reported that skin texture improved significantly

-           100% reported that overall appearance of skin improved

-           97% reported that the product deep cleansed pores

-           97% reported that the product helped reduce shine and provided a matte look

-           97% reported that skin looked smoother and more even

-           87% reported that the product significantly diminished the appearance of pores


(*IN-VIVO TEST Volunteer’s perception. Clinical Study conducted on Men & women 25-55 years old—Volunteer’s perception—Satisfaction test)


You may purchase the product in various Sephora stores nationwide or visit at Drbrandtskincare beginning July 2015.

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