Dr. Bahram Habibi Provides Free Medical Care to the Victims of Hurricane Maria

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Hurricane Maria left a bitter taste behind it. Thousands of homes were devastated and millions of lives were put in danger due to flooding and strong winds.

But in times like this, some members of the community came together to give a hand to those in need. Among those brave people was Dr. Bahram Habibi, who helped a number of victims of hurricane Maria by providing his medical services for free.

“I knew that soon enough the hospitals will be overwhelmed and many people will suffer because there aren’t enough resources to help everyone on the island,” said Dr. Bahram Habibi.

When authorities announced that Puerto Rico will be hit hard by the storm, Dr. Habibi was already making plans for how he could help the people who will soon be in danger due to their existing medical conditions, lack of clean water, and anxiety attacks.

But the kind man wasn’t alone in his efforts. Dr. Habibi was joined by an entire crew of responders who helped him provide assistance to those in need.

Dr. Habibi and his team started looking on the streets for houses that looked to be damaged by the storm as well as signs that someone may be injured or trapped inside with no access to medication.

During severe situations, patients who are dependent on insulin, or any other type of medication that is needed on a daily basis to survive, are in danger even if they aren’t affected by the storm directly.

Many hospitals were hit hard by the storm, which made it even harder for specialists to help those in need.

Dr. Bahram Habibi knew that many hospitals were overwhelmed by the number of patients, and they could not handle it either. This is why he went searching for people who need his help.

He was equipped with life-saving machinery and a crew that helped him keep the death count low when compared to other natural disasters.

During severe hurricanes, medical professionals are overwhelmed, and there is usually not enough personnel to reach the island and provide proper care.

In the aftermath, many Americans lost their homes and lives. Dr. Habibi is now thinking about what the future will bring for Puerto Rico during another natural disaster.

While his crew did save many lives, there are still many aspects of the health system that need to be taken care of to prevent situations like this.

Many hospitals were overwhelmed by the storm since there weren’t enough generators to provide for the patients on life-support. Better equipped hospitals increase the chances of providing higher quality services.

During the storm, Dr. Habibi provided hospitals with generators and now wants to help the community come together and work toward preparing the island for a future hurricane.

Dr. Bahram Habibi is involved in fundraising campaigns that are meant to provide essential equipment to hospitals and ambulances that could prove to be life-saving during powerful storms.

He believes that by bringing the community and the local authorities together, we can provide more support to the locals when hurricanes occur. Sometimes, there aren’t enough ambulances to access every corner of the island.

“Without the equipment, many people will be in danger even in hospitals, each hospital should be equipped with power generators that can provide energy for days after the hurricane hit the Puerto Rico.”

At the moment, Dr. Habibi continues his efforts towards providing equipment for hospitals in Puerto Rico as the organizer of the fundraising effort.

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