Dr. Anthony Paton Joins the Okorie Okorocha Firm as a Consultant and Expert Witness

The Okorocha Firm announces that Dr. Anthony Patton joins the team as a consultant and expert witness. Dr. Patton has 15 years worth of experience in toxicology and pharmacology having attained his Doctorate of Pharmacy, with honors from Washington State University College of Pharmacy in 1998.

The Okorocha Firm is proud to welcome Dr. Anthony Paton to the team. Dr. Patton will be joining the firm as a consultant and expert witness. He is an experienced toxicology and pharmacology expert witness whose testimony has been admitted into evidence in trial by jury. Dr. Patton received his Doctorate of Pharmacy, with honors from the Washington State University College of Pharmacy in 1998 and has multiple publications in his field. Dr. Paton has many years of experience as a clinical and home pharmacist, as well as extensive experience in retail and manufacturing pharmacy.

Forensic Toxicology Expert Okorie Okorocha had this to say about Dr. Patton: “Dr. Paton and I met 22 years ago when he was my chemistry and biology instructor at Washington State University. He is one of the most remarkable clinical pharmacists and pharmacologists I have ever worked with and we are thrilled to have him join our firm.” 

Dr. Patton will be an invaluable asset to the Okorocha firm and to all our clients with doctorate level education in pharmacokinetics, analytical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, hematology, toxicology, and pharmacy practice as well as over 15 years of experience in academic, clinical, ambulatory, home health, retail, manufacturing, and research in these fields. He is currently licensed as a pharmacist in California, Oregon, and Washington states and is a qualified expert in pharmacist standard of care.

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