Dr. Adam Hall of Northeastern University Awarded Seminal Research Opportunity

VUV Analytics Inc. Announces Northeastern as Fall 2016 Academic Grant Recipient

Dr. Adam Hall

VUV Analytics has announced Dr. Adam Hall as the recipient of their fall 2016 academic grant, which provides Dr. Hall’s laboratory with the use of the VGA-100 Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) detector  to do novel research in the field of forensic chemistry. 

Hall is the Director of the Mass Spectrometry Facility at the Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis within the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Northeastern University. The Barnett Institute was established in 1973 as a center for advanced interdisciplinary research in the chemical analysis sciences under the direction of Dr. Barry Karger. Hall’s research focuses on the development of instrumental methods for the analysis of forensically relevant materials including drugs of abuse, ignitable liquids and explosives. His research has far-reaching implications with the potential to profoundly affect crime laboratories at the city, state, county and federal levels by introducing new technologies, which address some long standing concerns such as the differentiation of isomers of drugs of abuse.

"We are excited to have been selected by VUV Analytics as the recipient of their academic grant program and feel that we can advance the field of forensics using this new technology"

Dr. Adam Hall


“We are excited to have been selected by VUV Analytics as the recipient of their academic grant program and feel that we can advance the field of forensics using this new technology,” said Dr. Hall, who received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Stonehill College and his MS and PhD in Analytical Chemistry at Northeastern University.

“VUV Analytics is thrilled to award Northeastern University and help advance the excellent research taking place at the Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis,” said Sean Jameson, Vice President of Business Development at VUV Analytics. “We received a significant number of high quality proposals, and Dr. Hall’s research seems well suited to VUV absorption technology.  We look forward to seeing how he solves difficult forensic-related challenges with our detector.”

The VGA-100 gas chromatography detector opens up a world of research opportunities by bringing the VUV range of the electromagnetic spectrum to the bench-top for the first time ever. Using familiar absorption spectroscopy techniques, the VGA-100 produces absorption spectra in the VUV range where most vapors absorb strongly and uniquely. Northeastern University will retain the detector through the fall academic session, and VUV Analytics will announce winners for the 2017 sessions in the future.

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