Douglass K. Davies Reveals Israel's Newest Ally in Audiobook Thriller, Steinburg: The Road to Amsterdam

New audiobook introduces Hollywood heavy hitter, Sid Steinburg, in Douglass K. Davies' new franchise, Steinburg: The Road to Amsterdam. A unique mixture of world class filmaking and international intrigue.

In commemoration of the founding of Israel, May 14, 1948, novelist Douglass K. Davies raises the curtain introducing one of Hollywood’s most notable power players and ardent supporter of Israel. Sidney Eli Steinburg steps up on the world stage right on cue in Davies' hard hitting thriller, Steinburg: The Road to Amsterdam. Listeners are handed VIP passes into the ivory towers of Steinburg's empire, a world of movie making gusto not seen since the likes of O’Selznick and DeMille.          

The charismatic Steinburg in reality is a complicated man who remains an enigma even to his closest friends. The movie executive’s back story begins in WWII with the German invasion of Amsterdam in the spring of 1941, laying the groundwork for Steinburg's contemporary life—a life rife with plot twists and international intrigue as Steinburg finds himself ensnared in a dangerous matrix of power and risk.      

Penned by public relations executive, Douglass K. Davies, this fast moving suspense-thriller transports listeners from the beaches of Malibu and the ivory towers of Hollywood into the jaded lairs of the powerful in Washington D.C., Western Europe and the Middle East. Steinburg offers a rare blend of the film industry and international intrigue, a natural choice for readers fascinated by the movie industry at its highest levels. Packed with Steinburg’s special brand of hutzpah, Steinburg: The Road to Amsterdam provides readers with a contemporary anti-hero, an unforgettable movie mogul who sees beyond the bottom line and risks everything for a greater good.

The audiobook is narrated by Dennis Kleinman, "the world voice,"  known for his eloquent British delivery and sophisticated international flair which transcends national borders.

The 14 hour audiobook thriller goes on sale today at the publisher’s site:, Steinburg was published by Davies Media Group, Nashville TN. Announcements for the novel and e-book are forthcoming. Contact: Doug Davies for further information or comment. 256-652-4669

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