Double Gemini Launches the Stack Method Workshop Online to Help People Conquer Their Email Inbox

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Nearly everyone struggles with email. Whether it’s wading through thousands of emails sitting in your inbox to try and find the ones you need most; emails slipping through the cracks with important information and conversations getting dropped; or having your work fragmented by email notifications ranging in content from urgent response required to spam; email has been weighing on the shoulders of everyone for years.

“Techniques like Inbox Zero take a one-size-fits-all approach, and email programs like Gmail and Outlook are built on the premise of providing features and integration and not designed to solve the problems associated with email overload,” says Prasanth Nair, CEO of Double Gemini. “The Stack Method helps people stay organized and confident enough with their email management to disengage from their inbox so they can concentrate on their other work.”

The Stack MethodTM takes a holistic approach to solving all the pain points email causes. It includes time management techniques to prevent email from fragmenting other work while creating protected time for email so it doesn’t become homework. The methodology tackles the fear of missing out on important information, prioritization of email responses as well as batch processing by creating workflows that are easily tailored to any job responsibilities. Perhaps best of all, the Stack MethodTM reduces the average amount of time spent on email by around a third, and puts the user back in control of their inbox, reducing the stress and anxiety that email creates.

The benefits of this system-agnostic workshop don’t end when the workshop is completed - as any productivity guru knows, changing a behavior means building habits that support that change. The Stack MethodTM includes 10 free practice sessions during which attendees of the workshop can implement what they’ve learned in a friendly and helpful environment, guided through any questions or problems they encounter by a Stack Email Productivity Certified Professional.

With the launch of their new Stack Online Workshop, Double Gemini is aiming to create broader accessibility of these valuable productivity techniques - now anyone with an internet connection and speakers can gain the benefits of total email control.

To celebrate this launch, Double Gemini is offering a 10% off coupon code that can be applied to standard tickets. Using the code STACK10 at checkout brings the price of the workshop down from $200 to $180. There is also a non-profit rate of $100 for the session. In addition, Double Gemini will cover the full cost for anyone who can’t afford the workshop such as job-seekers and students. To request this option, reach us through our website at requesting a sponsored class detailing your specific needs.

To learn more and sign up for the Stack Method Online Workshop, go to:

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Double Gemini provides productivity training and transformation services to individuals and organizations, with the vision of making the world’s best productivity techniques accessible to all. Established in 2000, Double Gemini provides these services worldwide from its headquarters in NYC.

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Double Gemini provides productivity training and transformation services to individuals and organizations, with the vision of making the world's best productivity techniques accessible to all.

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