Dossergame & Co: Replacing real with online homeless

Changing the future of homelessness through an online game. Farbflut pledge a social commitment to changing millions of players perceptions regarding homelessness.

London/Hamburg, 06/07/2010 - It is estimated that over 100 million people worldwide are homeless (Source: United Nations Commission on Human Rights). Homelessness seems to be the ugly reflection of today's global society and while countries like Rwanda are shipping their homeless to remote islands, South Africa move them around like dispensable eye sores in the name of the World Cup. Fabflut Entertainment have a different philosophy when it comes to tackling homelessness. They believe that through their online game, they can influence players into giving donations and make a positive impact on their consciousness.

Farbflut is the operating company behind the London based Dossergame. Combined with 7 other versions around the world and Facebooks hugely successful StreetRivals, there are over 4 million registered users and it's Europe's most popular online browser game. With this mass of players spread over Europe, Co-founder Marius Follert believes they can use their power to influence and change perceptions regarding homelessness. Follert states 'the game brings these issues into peoples homes and offices where it is normally ignored and left on the streets. By putting our players into the role of a homeless person, it reduces the differentiation gap and increases their understanding.'

In 2009, Pennergame (the German version) donated a 5-figure-sum to charity organisations, mostly reached by online donations from players. Co-founder Niels Wildung says; 'Our aim is to increase "online homelessness" and in doing so decrease the numbers of actual homeless on the street.' So how far are Farbflut from reaching this target? Here are some examples:

Germany's estimated homeless is 345,000. The German Version has 2,000,000 registered players.
(Source: Federal Consortium for Aid for the Homeless BAGW)

Poland has an estimated 173,500. The Polish version has 750,000 registered players.
(Source: Polish Electronic System of Registration PESEL)

France has an estimated 100,000. The French version has 150,000 registered players.
(Source: Lobby Group)

Spain has an estimated 50,000. The Spanish version has 150,000 registered players.
(Source: Caritas)

These figures show that these games have already far surpassed the numbers of actual homeless. Follert adds 'with every additional registered user we have a greater chance to make a difference through fund raising activities and online donations. We can therefore focus on each countries problem with homelessness individually'. With a 100 million homeless spanning over 195 countries, Farbflut have got their work cut out for them.


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