Dorian Media Group Talks About the Latest Website Design Trends: Simple, Easy & Navigable

Dorian Media Group has announced the trending website designs that are doing the rounds now.

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The company's in-house designers say that easily navigable and smooth designs are all the rage nowadays. People don't like the clutter and will definitely turn down a website with a very complex design. They have worked with hundreds of clients and helped them design the best websites for their companies. The following is a compilation of the trends that are in:

Ghost Buttons

These are transparent buttons that blend seamlessly with the brand and make a call to action. They merge with the website's background, go well with the overall design, and provide a sophisticated and aesthetic look. It is important to have these buttons if one is to convert online traffic to actual sales and better revenue.

More Scrolling, Less Clicking

Internet users like to scroll down a website rather than click on links and buttons. With smartphones in everyone's hands, it's definitely easier to keep the screen rolling for a long time. That's why websites that have fewer options for clicking and more options for scrolling are more likable to netizens. It helps them view more without any hassle.

Screen-Width Videos

Dorian Media Group uses videos on the home screens of websites of the companies they work with. This can be a perfect representation of what they stand for as a brand and create a nice ambiance.

Basic Designs

Website designs that are clutter-free are making their way back into the market. Easy to operate and simple layouts are not only aesthetic but also pleasing to the eye. This also serves the purpose of designing websites for mobile phones because that's where online traffic is. It helps in the making of a responsive web design template.

Fitting All In Page

If websites are designed in a way where clicking on a link means buffering time to open a new page, that's not done. People simply don't have the time to wait for the new page to load. This is why websites that fit in all the content comprehensively into a single page are doing the rounds. Thus, there is no need to refresh the page every time one needs to see some new content. Dorian Media Group hopes that this will continue for quite some time to provide its netizens with a smooth browsing experience.


This was introduced in 2009 and has become very famous over the years as an important tool for website development. It gives the opportunity to make layouts that solves the problems of the traditional floating div design. This is paving the way forward for more flexible and innovative designs.

Dorian Media Group will keep posting more about the latest trends and website developments on its blog. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Dorian Media is one of the most trusted and reliable Newport Beach Website Design companies that has the best designers and a dedicated SEO team.

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