Doodle Daisy Launches Line of Custom Plush Toy Pillows Inspired and Created From Kid's Doodles

Alla Dorogopulko, Owner and Creator of Doodle Daisy, launches hand sewn whimsical décor and custom Plush Doodles made from kid's drawings, bringing their imagination to life.

Introducing Signature Collection

Doodle Daisy is launching its Signature fall line of woodland themed plush toy pillows this July 25, 2016 in custom, semi-custom, and original designs. Whimsical and inventive, Dorogopulko’s creations, will be available in three categories: Captivate, limited edition designs developed at Doodle Daisy. Inspire, semi-custom designs with options to choose from three shapes, four color pallets, two add-ons, and personalization. And Awaken, completely customized plush doodles created from children’s drawings.  

Doodle Daisy’s Creations.  

"Doodle Daisy's can help parents captivate, inspire and awaken their own children to do more creative things instead of watch TV, and bring more whimsy to any nursery and kids room. Kids can now decorate their own rooms or create soft pillow toys with things that they draw, paint, and create."

Alla Dorogopulko, Owner/Creator Doodle Daisy

Doodle Daisy’s Creations are created using machine washable fleece outer materials and choice of cotton or silky soft poly fill for a more cuddle friendly, and parent appreciated, plush toy pillow. Dorogopulko’s graphic design experience is represented in each of her creations with her expert use of color blocking for timeless combinations. Her aim is to help parents inspire their children to be more creative in their free time, and to spark the fire of imagination often left uncultivated when television and video game options are within arm’s reach.  

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Doodle Daisy – Designer of whimsical pillow toys inspired by kid’s imagination, and custom plush toys created from kid’s drawings – Bring your child's imagination to life.

Notes to editors

Media contact Alla Dorogopulko at (781) 888-7244 or for interviews, samples, or additional photos. 

Source: Doodle Daisy