Don't Let Tax Day Be So Taxing, Come to the Grown Up Coloring Book Tax Day Bonanza Event This April 15th!

The thought of preparing, and paying, federal income taxes in America each year can be quite stressful.  So this year, just in time for America's annual “tax day,” a group of coloring image artists and coloring book authors have put together a fun-filled adult coloring event online.  

The event, titled “Grown Up Coloring Book Tax Day Bonanza,” takes place online at on Friday, April 15, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (EDT).  

This is an excellent way for those who love to color to meet the coloring artists and win some awesome prizes as well...

Andrea Schmitz, CEO of Inkovator

Event organizer and participant Andrea Wood Schmitz, CEO of Inkovator, notes that coloring—once a pastime exclusively enjoyed by children—has recently become very popular as a stress-relieving activity among adults.  

“Coloring has quickly become the favorite activity of many adults looking for a fun, creative way to relax, as demonstrated by the number of adult coloring books on bestseller lists and the growing number of adult coloring clubs across America and Europe,” Schmitz pointed out.  “So what better way to have fun and relax than to join our adult coloring event on what has become one of the most stressful days of the year for Americans, April 15?”  

The all-day event will feature giveaways and fun-filled activities by the following adult coloring artists:

  • Andrea Schmitz - Inkovator
  • Alice Best Jackson - Imagery From Beyond
  • Maria Castro - Scribo Creative
  • Laura Medeiros 
  • Anne Manera - Coloring Books
  • Valerie Jagiello
  • Tina Golden - Doodletime Designs
  • Tamara A. Cameron - ColorBinge
  • ​Erica Henry - Coffee and Coloring
  • Wendy Landes - Creative Coloring Books for Adults
  • Frank Calderon - CurioZities Coloring
  • Katie Darden - Magical Design Coloring Books

“This is an excellent way for those who love to color to meet the coloring artists and win some awesome prizes as well, such as coloring books, coloring pages, t-shirts, gift cards and so much more,” Schmitz said.  “We had hundreds of people attend our last two adult coloring events and everybody—the artists and the people who participated—had loads of fun!”  

The Grown Up Coloring Book Tax Day Bonanza Event is open to all adult participants worldwide.  Prizes and giveaways are decided by the individual artists and authors, and may vary.  

Don't miss out on the fun this time, be sure to visit before the event to sign up for it, then join the fun on April 15!

Source: Inkovator

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