Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd Leads the Way in International Sales of Handles, Toggle Clamps, and Toggle Latches

Many Cabinet and other manufacturing companies smartly seek to outsource parts to cut costs. Roche has become a favorite choice in the creation and distribution of handles, toggle clamps, and toggle latches to enthusiastic clients worldwide.


One priority of many wise businesses is finding a way to cut their costs. One proven method that works, without lowering quality of the products they manufacture is turning to foreign sources for key parts like handles, toggle latches, and toggle clamps. China-based Roche, with three different divisions, Roche Handle, Roche Clamp, and Roche Hardware have quickly become leaders in these areas and are backed by positive reviews all around.

RocheHandle focuses on the manufacture and distribution of handles for all kinds of furniture and industrial handles. Over 10,000 different handle choices are available, which certainly cover nearly any handle choice a business could possibly need, with also the option of having custom handles created should they be needed.

RocheClamp offers a wide range of in-demand toggle clamps built for different industrial applications. Over 500 sets are in their catalog and include horizontal clamps, vertical toggle clamps, push-pull toggle clamps, and latch-type toggle clamps. All are manufactured with the focus being on exceeding even very high customer expectations.

Finally, the RocheHardware division are the best-known and selling Flight Case Manufacturer in China, having built a remarkable reputation for delivering premium-quality products in this space. They offer over 10,000 different Fight Case Hardware choices, with all kept in stock and ready to order.

All divisions of Roche ship worldwide, quickly, and at very low price points. Potential customers are encouraged to contact Roche and talk to a professional from the company who can help with suggestions on what choice may be best in any of their product categories for individual clients. The company puts great pride in quick shipping and first-class customer service, all adding to their ever-rising profile and popularity.

For more information, the company can be contacted at,, or depending on what need they are aiming to fulfill.

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