Domotz and HaloPSA Announce New Integration to Streamline Network Inventory, Documentation and Troubleshooting

Identify, track and footprint devices and detect, triage and troubleshoot network and device events in real-time with the Domotz and HaloPSA integration

Domotz HaloPSA integration

Domotz, the provider of award-winning network monitoring software for MSPs, integrators and enterprises, and HaloPSA, a single, all-inclusive solution designed for MSPs and service providers, today announced a new integration to streamline network inventory, documentation and troubleshooting. 

The new integration includes two components. Thanks to the new integration for documentation and device inventory, users can now identify, track and footprint assets in HaloPSA, leveraging Domotz award-winning device recognition technology. Thanks to the ticketing integration, Domotz detects issues with the network and devices and sends the information directly to HaloPSA so users can triage and troubleshoot critical events quickly. 

"The most powerful network management services always stem from an accurate and real-time asset inventory and documentation of a network," said JB Fowler, Chief Product Officer at Domotz. "We're very pleased to offer these capabilities alongside HaloPSA, along with a robust process for troubleshooting issues more intelligently." 

"We are delighted to team up with Domotz, as their product joins our list of integrations," said Tim Bowers, Product owner at HaloPSA. "This integration helps our users to manage their assets and the services for their customers quickly, and with ease."

How the Domotz and HaloPSA integration works

  • Domotz automatically discovers and footprints all device assets on a network and sends the information directly to HaloPSA.
  • Device assets are updated in real-time to create accurate inventories and documentation.
  • When an important networked device goes down, a ticket is automatically generated in HaloPSA.
  • HaloPSA notifies the appropriate team members immediately so action can be taken.
  • If the device changes status (up/down) all the information is included in the ticket so operators can troubleshoot with more intelligence.
  • The integration also includes automatic ticket closure for network events including if a device or the network goes back up.

Learn more about getting started with the Domotz and HaloPSA integration.

About Domotz

Founded in 2015, Domotz is an award-winning network monitoring system that enables MSP, integrators and service providers to increase productivity and troubleshoot smarter. More than 4,000 MSP, IT professional and integration businesses in 160 countries use Domotz every day to deliver remote support to tens of thousands of networks. 

The software includes more than 500 software and hardware integrations and cutting-edge network management features, including customizable monitoring dashboards, automated device inventories, automated network topology mapping, remote configuration management, SNMP, custom drivers, security scans and more. 

About HaloPSA

HaloPSA is a single, all-inclusive solution, designed for MSPs and service providers. HaloPSA gives you the power to manage your entire business with powerful out-of-the-box functionality. Empower your business with a Cloud platform that enables you to automate your service and transform your delivery.

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