Dominion Aesthetic Technologies Receives New FDA Clearance for EON Smarter Body Contouring

EON is the first robotic, touchless body contouring device disrupting the Aesthetic Industry.

EON - Now FDA Cleared for Flanks

Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. announced today that EON Smarter Body Contouring used for non-invasive laser lipolysis of adipose tissue has received FDA clearance of the flanks. This is the second clearance for EON since launching in February of 2021. EON was previously FDA cleared as a 510 K device for full abdomen and is in use for permanent fat reduction in over 18 states by Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Medical Spas. 

Dr. Thomas Fiala led a 12-week study on patients using the device's 110 cm treatment pattern on each flank. A flank is determined to be the allocation of fat between the patient's rib cage and hip bone. The study included 11 patients, ranging in age from 24 to 63, with body mass indexes between 22.3 and 34.2. The results showed an average fat loss of 6.1 mm after a single segment session. The study also confirmed the safety of the 1064 nm touchless laser device for treating subcutaneous fat on flanks with 100% subject satisfaction and zero non-responders. 

"We are delighted that the FDA has reviewed our scientific data, and granted a new clearance for this industry-leading technology.  It will give patients another great option to treat flank contours," stated Thomas Fiala, MD, MBA, FACS, FRCSC.  

EON - Smarter Body Contouring is a robotic, touchless, FDA-cleared 1064nm laser, disrupting the non-invasive lipolysis industry. The treatment head, driven by an articulated robotic arm, delivers consistent laser energy while heating adipose tissue up to 51°C. Breakthrough jet-impingement cooling technology and real-time monitoring create a comfortable, dignified patient experience with an industry-best temperature differential of 11.5°C. Autonomous technology maps the body's unique topography for a personalized treatment while accurately delivering an unprecedented degree of fat-reducing energy. Flanks can be treated in 40 minutes and an entire abdomen can be treated in 60 minutes with unrivaled efficacy, free from time-consuming gels, applicators, or post-treatment massages needed with other body contouring devices.

"The FDA clearance for flanks treatment is a natural addition for our current abdominal fat reduction protocols with EON. We are proud to bring further value and outstanding results to our EON providers and patients through our safe and effective body contouring technology," said Christian Bloomgren, President and CCO for Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc.

EON is available through a network of medical providers across the United States. For more information on EON or to find a provider near you please visit



Founded in 2016, Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. is a laser platform aesthetic device company with corporate headquarters in Texas and R&D labs in Florida. Dominion Aesthetic aims to offer the best solutions for aesthetic physicians and practitioners by merging the expertise of its renowned Scientific Advisory Committee along with its respected research & development team. Dominion Aesthetic created EON - Smarter Body Contouring to exceed the unmet needs of aesthetic physicians by leveraging innovative touchless robotic technology to advance the aesthetic body contouring industry. Please visit or explore more about EON by visiting


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