Dominik Hussl, CEO of Greener SEO, to Present at CBD Expo South

Dominik Hussl CEO Of Greener SEO

Dominik Hussl, CEO of Greener SEO, announces he is to present at CBD Expo South, an educational conference that connects physicians, scientists, industry experts, researchers, and thought leaders in the CBD space. The 2020 CBD Expo South Tour is to be hosted in Hilton Houston, North Houston, TX on 11-12 of December 2020. Dominik is to speak about the role that search engine optimization can play for CBD businesses that are looking to drive more clients to their online shops and brick and mortar locations at a local and national scale.

With the global CBD market projected to reach a valuation of USD $89 billion by 2026 and with a 59.5% compound annual growth rate, this hot market is where savvy entrepreneurs and new businesses are looking to enter.

However, as an emerging market that is continuously developing, new entrants in the space are looking for leaders to follow.

CBD Expo, the original conference for CBD experts, has toured 17 locations. With over 4,500 trusted speakers and 193,440 event attendees, CBD Expo has quickly become the home for the latest and most innovative education in the industry.

On Day 2 of the event in Panel (B), the 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm session will discuss how to approach CBD marketing for entrepreneurs and startups and will include a Q&A session.

Dominik Hussl, along with 4 other CBD experts, will dissect the key components to scaling a cannabidiol business and highlight the importance of marketing. Talking points will include the evolving guidelines and regulations, how and why the science behind CBD is essential in marketing messages, and a strategic approach to the management of consumer relationships.

As an industry-leading SEO expert, Dominik will focus on helping new CBD businesses achieve organic search traffic. The benefits of focusing on SEO include the lower competitiveness of this emerging market, long-term returns on investment, and the multitude of other marketing channels that complement SEO.

Other guest speakers presenting at CBD Expo South will cover a range of topics including: Hemp 4.0, the science behind CBD dosing and the clinical research behind it, the future of psychedelics and cannabinoid therapeutics, the state of advertising in the CBD industry, and how to find and close investors for your startup.

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About Dominik Hussl: Dominik Hussl is the founder and CEO of Greener SEO In Houston, a marketing agency with a heavy focus on SEO. Dominik built Greener SEO to deliver meaningful traffic that converts to more sales, leads, and clients. Greener SEO performs local and national SEO for a range of industries including dispensaries, CBD Shops and Smoke Shops. Their portfolio of work includes a range of local businesses, including an award-winning Houston smoke shop chain.

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