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A timely article outlining basic steps to save money on shipping costs this holiday season.

At a time when money is tight, but the desire to send holiday gifts around the country is still strong, this timely article by Valerie Cudnik, frugal living blogger and instructor, offers help to consumer navigate the choices available.

"Most people don't know that they can save up to 14% on their shipping costs just by paying for the postage online," says Cudnik. The blog article, which can be found at, outlines the strategies consumers can use and even has a comparison of different options.

A highlight of the article is a reminder to readers with loved ones in the military who are stationed overseas that the United States Post Office offers a discount on their large flat rate Priority Mail service of $2 per box going to APO / FPO addresses. The cut-off date for getting those boxes to the troops is December 11th.

The changes in postage options and advances in technology makes this a must-read article for anyone sending a package this holiday season.

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