Dollosoft Inc. Announces 2022 Launch of Yield Generating Token Dollo Coin

Dollo Coin - Beyond the Moon

Hindsight is 20/20 but, it is undeniable that a pre-sale purchase of Safemoon would be worth millions today. As a result, everyone is scrambling to find the next big thing in cryptocurrency. Dollo Coin is a hyper-deflationary token based on the concept of Dollonomics and smart contracts. Dollo Coin creates scarcity and over time, has a yield farming liquidity protocol that generates BUSD. It will innovate the labor and social commerce sector. Dollo Coin is set up for long-term growth.


Dollo Coin aims to be the most known and used cryptocurrency in the digital industry. Dollo Coin's founders aspire to put cryptocurrency into every digital wallet. Through the power of collective decentralization, the founders have built a crypto-powered ecosystem where people can earn passive income. Dollo Coin will focus on building utilities in the labor and commerce sectors.


Dollo Coin's development team has created proprietary network recruitment software whereby a qualifying candidate can earn monthly bonuses in Dollo Coin, which yields passive BUSD from their network of recruiters.

Staffing revenue in the Americas (North and South America) totaled $152 billion in 2020. Temporary staffing accounted for 89% of this entire revenue stream, according to SIA's Global Staffing Market Estimates & Forecasts, as released in May of 2021.  

With that massive trove in mind, the founders  goal in 2022 is to capture 1% of the $152 billion labor market and pay that 1% in monthly Dollo Coin bonus to hired job seekers within the network. Dollo Coin partnership with and, will launch in Q2, 2022. They are now accepting applications for and will be accepting applications for in Q3, 2022.


Dollo Connect is an innovative centralized content platform with web3  integration. Imagine Facebook, Yelp and Paypal all integrated into one with Dollonomics applied to a subscription-based platform. This will increase BUSD to holders, increase the burn rate and add to the liquidity pool.

Dollo Connect will help usher in this phenomenon by building a digital ecosystem that is a construct of smart communities populated by people and their connection to each other, facilitating the sharing of information in a way that builds social capital and unlocks economic potential. Cryptocurrency is the future. Join the community today for your ticket to a brighter future.

Dollonomics Features:

Passive Rewards

10% of every buy and sell transaction is redistributed to all token holders - your portion is directly deposited into your wallet as BUSD. HODL and watch it grow indefinitely.

3% Automatic liquidity

3% of all transactions are automatically added into the liquidity pool. This ensures continuous supply for trading, making the DOLLO price less volatile.

2% Deflationary Buy Back and Burn

2% of every transaction will be converted to BNB and stored in the contract. Our contract will trigger an automatic daily buy on all volume from the previous day, then the contract will send those tokens to the burn wallet. This ensures the price will automatically increase every time the buy back is initiated.

Anti-Whale System

Any sells transaction causing transfer of tokens that exceeds 0.125% of total supply will be discarded, thereby mitigating devaluation of tokens from large dumps. This feature is applied to discourage whale manipulation.

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