Dolling's Appliance and Refrigeration in Palm Beach County Maintains Hygiene and Safety Procedures While Servicing Appliances and Refrigeration

Due to the increase of quarantines and people staying at home, appliances are used more than ever from refrigerators to stoves to ranges. During challenging economic times with infection rates rising in Florida, it's important to call factory authorized technicians who have to also follow safety standards.

Dolling's services GE, Alfresco, Bosch, Thermador, True, Fisher & Paykel, Viking, Dacor, Liebherr, Wolf, Sub-Zero, Scotsman, Marvel, Speed Queen, to name a few. ​

​​​​​​Dolling's service technicians will be maintaining safety standards during these challenging times:

  • Technician will be wearing gloves, disposable booties and a mask.
  • Dolling's technicians will maintain a certain distance from the customer during the visit.
  • Employees are required to do handwashing frequently and socially distance up to 6 feet preferably 10 feet. 
  • The technicians are authorized service providers for your appliance brand, which means they're trained by the manufacturer. They have to maintain the manufacturer's standards.
  • Payment will be handled with gloves and a credit card swipe device.

What ​​​Brand Names Does Dolling's Service?: GE, Alfresco, Bosch, Thermador, True, Fisher & Paykel, Viking, Dacor, Liebherr, Wolf, Sub-Zero, Scotsman, Marvel, Speed Queen, to name a few. ​

What is a Factory Certified Technician?

Many homeowners in Palm Beach have high-end appliances in their kitchen. When they break, it’s natural to wonder if hiring a high-end appliance repair technician is worth the added expense. Since they are Factory Service Certified by appliance manufacturers, high-end appliance repair technicians can actually help owners save money not just on repairs but also on the maintenance of the appliances in their home. Because of residents staying home more, these appliances are being used to the maximum. It's important to maintain them with maintenance checks every six months to a year.

High-end appliance manufacturers offer factory certifications to appliance repair technicians. Those certified technicians acquire more than just a marketing sticker during their training. They are equipped by the manufacturer with the diagnostic tools and expertise to provide top quality service.

Benefits of hiring a high-end appliance repair technician during these times.

1--- High-end appliance repair technicians are trained to maintain to manufacturer specifications.

2--- High-end appliance repair technicians don’t void warranties

3--- Hiring a high-end appliance repair technician saves money

While it may seem like hiring a high-end appliance technician is expensive, that is often not the case. When homeowners attempt to repair or service a high-end appliance themselves, sometimes more costly repairs are needed. The same is true for when they hire and untrained professional. Frequently, commercially available parts may not fit and special tools may be required to complete the repairs without causing damage. 

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Source: Dolling's Appliance and Refrigeration